Modi fails to convince Advani to contest Gandhinagar ?

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Re: Modi fails to convince Advani to contest Gandhinagar ?

#1 Postby brijkishorrajput » Fri May 09, 2014 2:30 am

Advaniji is the Bishma pithamaha of the BJP. He has sacrificed so much for the party and the nation. And the nation owes so much to him. He is also the most qualified to lead the party and the nation as the Prime Minister. However, just like the Bhisma pithamaha of the Mahabharatha, his is not the lot to rule the nation now. His role is that of the primary counselor to the Prime Minister. In the same manner, he is the most qualified and the most eligible of people to represent his nation in the Rajya Sabha. He has earned it in an exemplary manner in his devotion and service to the country. The Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat is an assured seat for the BJP. By allowing yet another stalwart to contest from this assured seat and himself volunteering to serve the nation through the Upper House, this noble Indian would be setting the example for future leaders of India.

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Modi fails to convince Advani to contest Gandhinagar ?

#2 Postby Shivani » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:53 am

Till now no official announcement has been made from BJP on this but it seems that Narendra Modi has failed to convince Advani to contest him from Gandhinagar and not push for Bhopal.Modi met Advani today in the morning at his residence..they held discussions for over 50 minutes. Though no official word has come out of what transpired during the meeting, reports claimed that Advani is sticking to his “desire” to contest the Lok Sabha polls from Bhopal.

But some of the analysts say that despite Advani's desire its very unlikely that he will be able to contest from Bhopal as it has been made abundantly clear that no matter what the stature of party leaders, that they will have to abide by the decisions of the party and its central elections committee.

A very miffed LK Advani has reportedly told the BJP that both Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh got to choose their seats, and that the same courtesy was not extended to him.

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