Jaswant Singh to file nomination as independent

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Jaswant Singh to file nomination as independent

#1 Postby Shivani » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:42 pm

After being upset from his party on not giving him the ticket of his choice..It is likely that he will file his nomination papers from Barmer as an independent while asserting that he is "not a piece of furniture" to be "adjusted" after polls.

From last few days BJP is dealing with a war within and the split in the party's top leadership is out in the open. Not only party's senior leader Jaswant Singh is upset over the ticket distribution but another senior 7-time MP from Ahmedabad, Harin Pathak too is upset over being denied a ticket.

On this issue Jaswant SIngh has said that the party will have to suffer the consequences of internal strife coming to the fore ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.Why Jaswant Singh is upset..?? Currently the senior leader represents Darjeeling in Lok Sabha,and he wanted to contest from his home turf Barmer but BJP gave the Barmer election ticket to ex-Congressman Sonaram Chaudhary, who is believed to be in the good books of Raje. Jaswant.

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