Govt. plans to invest 655 Crs. to reach Rural Vote Bank

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Govt. plans to invest 655 Crs. to reach Rural Vote Bank

#1 Postby Shivani » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:11 am

UPA Govt. recently introduced the Food Security Ordinance which the party has counted as one of its great achievements so far..which can definitely give some fruitful results to them.But now the party very quietly introduced a new programme only for rural India.The party is planning to invest 655 Crs. in the next one year for the welfare of the rural areas which includes the measures like building meeting halls in villages, starting computer centres at panchayat level and funding solar power projects..

This investment would involve sharing in investment funds which includes 75% from centre & 25% from the states.Although the amount which will be invested for the upliftment of rural areas, but finally what matters is the vote count which the Govt. is expecting to get from it.

The process has started on states have already sent requests for sanction of these funds, for the construction of gram panchayat bulidings, training initiatives..Although In India whenever an amount for any kind of investment get passed, the devil of scams follows it like a shadow.Just hope that the same will not happen with this investment plan also.

Give your comments & suggestions on this issue..

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