BJP's Trump Card:Pay Rs 5 to attend Mr.Modi's rally

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BJP's Trump Card:Pay Rs 5 to attend Mr.Modi's rally

#1 Postby Shivani » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:25 pm

BJP has come out with a great strategy..the decision has been taken taking into consideration the following Mr.Modi has..and now the party is ready woth this plan to capitalise this growing popularity of its ‘Hindutva’ icon Narendra Modi, the party has decided to charge Rs 5 from anyone who wants to attend the Gujarat Chief Minister’s rally in Hyderabad scheduled next month.

BJP has said that the party will donate the money raised from Modi’s Hyderabad rally to help in the relief and rehabilitation of Uttarakhand floods victims.On day one of the online registration for the meeting on Monday, about 8,000 persons signed up..and the party is expecting this to be a grand event, although the stadium can seat about 25,000 people in the gallery and another 15,000 on the ground, the capacity can almost double in case standing is allowed.But the organisers are sure that near about between 50,000 to one lakh attendance for the meet.

This is also an indication to show that how much confidence the party has in Mr.Modi's popularity..whether its social media, news, everything is just having his name in the mentions.Whatever he says is counted as a comment to a specific religion or a special community by the rival parties & the media, through this they also get a chance to make a normal statement a "Breaking News"..because whatever is associated to Mr.Modi now-a-days is a news..

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