Modi govt is fine-Problem with India inc

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Modi govt is fine-Problem with India inc

#1 Postby saketroy2 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:54 am

During the recent CII meeting with top business brass, most of the tycoons complained that euphoria of change and good days of hopes are waning and need some bold reforms. I don't know what bold reforms they are looking at. During this 6 months tenure of Modi govt. already lot has been done which was expected to be done by previous govts in 3-4 years tenure. Recent example is, In Maharashtra, it takes mere 20 days to get all clearances and start a business. Relaxed labour laws, scrapping of unnecessary environmental laws, cutting red tape and many more.
Already 75% of road projects are allocated and 40-50% work has been finished too. A lots has been done on infrastructure and power sector but since UPA regime they are under lot of debt even though the equity market is soaring, it will take tens of years to cover up the pit.

India Inc has to come out the jinx' Sarkar Sabka Mai baap hai and start believing that lot more has to come. FDI cap on insurance has be capped to 49% now....GST is on the table....lots of Foreign players have shown interest on " Make in India " campaign. We all should be optimistic.

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