India:An EMI Nation

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India:An EMI Nation

#1 Postby Shivani » Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:23 pm

Equated Monthly Installments generally known as EMI's is a very common word for Indians..but now-a-days in India some big brands are adopting it as a strategy to convince the customers to overcome their reluctance to spend too much on money for a product..

Suppose if we talk about an Iphone then generally its not pretty easy for a normal or a person from a middle class family to buy it..but now if a consumer has a budget of Rs.10,000 for a mobile phone..this EMI scheme can easily convince to double the budget as its very easy to pay because the money which one is paying wont go in one shot although it is going to effect the pocket of the same person but in installments..

In the current trend everything from a jeans to a hair transplant, you can get everything easily through installments.Now the airline industry has also entered in this segment companies like Indigo & Jet airways are the latest to announce their ticket availability of tickets on three or six months installment, so now anyone can plan a trip through airways without thinking twice.

So what you have to say this EMI option has made your life easy..or its just a way of pulling your ear from the other side..the result is that its you only who is paying for the product..Share opinions..

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