GDP India FY 2013:Decade low growth in India's GDP just 5%

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GDP India FY 2013:Decade low growth in India's GDP just 5%

#1 Postby Shivani » Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:29 am

India's economy growth rate has touched a very low base.Growth of the Indian economy, hit a decade low of 5% in 2012-13..The core sector has grew as low as 2.3% in April, while fiscal deficit has improved, at this front the government has done a better management...During Q4, the other sectors that showed signs of upturn are manufacturing, construction and financial services, growing at a higher pace than in Q3. However, mining, electricity and community services continued to show signs of stress in Q4...The largest sector of countrys economy trade, hotels, transport and communication -drove GDP growth in 2012-13, expanding at 6.4 per cent, 1.2 percentage points higher than the 5.2 per cent as said in advance estimates.

Now its high time for the government to concentrate on the inflation and their governance also..Now-a-days everyone is totally devoted to the IPL scam so some efforts should come from media side also, they should devote more time for developmental news, falling GDP growth,inflation and Governance.The UPA government has to work on cant just boast about the developments which are just in words they should get implemented also.

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