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3 IDIOTS...My favourite movie

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 1:26 pm
by ISTTMmasthanvali
There are many movies which showed the concealed line that exist between Interests oriented studying and forcible studying, But 3-Idiots is the first ever commercial movie which made the fact to reach maximum extent of people.

The story revolves around three people who joined in one college, where it gives prominence to gaining marks and nothing else. The leading role player, AAmir khan, one among the 3-Idiots is a kind of innovative guy where he wants to gain knowledge but not marks. He also wants to change his friends to achieve their own goals, which makes the movie to run very interestingly. This movie conveys a message to parents to think about the dream area of children but not to impose their choice on them.

The other leading roles of friends(Madhavan & Sharman joshi),Heroine(Kareena),Chatur,Boman Irani,the baby delivery scene,Rajkumar hirani's taking,Music and many other made 3-IDIOTS, an everlasting masterpiece in INDIAN CINEMA.