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Re: Is Email Marketing Helps in Lead Generation?

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:52 am
by priyankas
You can target specific segment by using email marketing. It is wonderful method to get qualified leads. Although, you need to segment your data and reach at your target audience. Email marketing is wonderful method to increase your business. It is also cost effective method. But you cannot rely on email marketing. The field of digital media is expanding now. You should take the benefit of all other digital mediums.
Although, you should apply right strategies for lead generation in email marketing. Designing, content and software are the core things for the success of email marketing campaign.

Designing of Email

The layout of the email should be attractive, user friendly and compatible.Then only you can prepare a email that can help in lead generation.


Content of email should be easy and attractive. Made the content in such a way that can sell to customers. Take care of subject line, copy and closing para of your email. You can hire a professional copy writer for successful email writing.


Always use a software for sending email so that you can track the results and according make followups.

Is Email Marketing Helps in Lead Generation?

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:47 pm
by priyankas
Is email marketing helps in lead generation? This question is always asked by digital marketers. In today's time, social media is gaining popularity. There are various other digital mediums that can help you. You can do search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, display ads. In such revolutionary time of digital marketing, the importance of email marketing is always discussed. Most of us ignore emails due to spamming issue. As discussed, email marketing is suffering a lot from spamming issues. That is why importance of email marketing always discussed by digital marketers.

What do you that that about Email Marketing still works?