How will you market your restaurant to increase profit

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Re: How will you market your restaurant to increase profit

#1 Postby archanaimtn » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:09 pm

Having a restaurant can be a dream for a lot people, but in this competitive world just owning one is not enough, you need to market your restaurant well enough to keep you surviving in the long run.

First thing first, you are happy only when your customers are happy. The pin point thing for a restaurant is their food should do the talking. As we know ‘Word Of Mouth’ is the fastest and the most effective form of marketing and if your food is finger linking good, your customers will do your job.

Apart from this, there are other facilities that should be provided for the restaurant to make a part. The Ambience forms an important part. People always remember the environment and the surroundings where they dine. A perfect ambience can get you a loyal customer. Setting up a different theme for different days can be something unique and something that can bring the restaurant to the front page. A Rock Friday or a Ladies Tuesday are few attractions that can help in getting customers.

Promoting yourself on social media is something that should be taken up by restaurants as well. Coupons on websites like foodpanda, coupondunia etc can help in getting brownie points for the restaurants. Special events and special dining during festivals, dj nights, open kitchens are something that lures customers. Having such facilities is always an advantage.

Therefore, you need to be new and you need to be different to keep your restaurant the people’s choice.

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Re: How will you market your restaurant to increase profit

#2 Postby yashims » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:02 pm

The very first thing the owner should do is to make online presence of his restaurant. Make a social media presence on the internet. Do a lot of advertising of your restaurant on its website and other media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Discounts always tempt customers. 20% discount on food is sufficient and 10% on home delivery. Set lower bill limit. On that bill or on above a customer will get discount. Always give something extra like a free sweet dish after a meal, which will make customer to come back again.
Visit companies in your neighborhood. Many owners forget about the companies that surrounding their restaurant and are very important potential customers, especially during lunch hours. Personal contact with potential customers is very important.
Build Your Customers Database. Try to get e-mails of your potential customers that you can send daily offers and specials. Send the offers in the morning and certainly before noon when lunch hour has already begun.
Design a key chain or magnet for your Restaurant to Give Away. Key chains can be made very cheaply and should be given away to customers at the end of the meal. With the right message on the Key chains your customers will keep them around for a long time. Every time that your customer looks at it, they are reminded of your restaurant. Every time a family member of theirs looks at it they are reminded of your restaurant. Imagine how much it costs to place a newspaper advertisement that requires a customer to see it every day.

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Re: How will you market your restaurant to increase profit

#3 Postby lovneeshscmhrd » Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:06 pm

Having an restaurant in India can be a herculean task, lets have a look at a strategy to a setup a restaurant to increase profits and revenue :
1. Having a name which tell the people about the restaurant. Defines it, so that people identify it. ex: for north indian restaurant a name like punjabi rasoi is suitable.
2. The ambiance of the restaurant should be such that the all kinds of customers feel comfortable .
3. Good service can do wonders for a restaurant, which delivers orders well on time and treat customers with respect.
4. Value added services like wi-fi , Ac , Tv screen etc. can also attract many customers.
5. The quality of food is what matters most to the customer, and for that best quality of ingredients should be used.
6. The regular customers can also be rewarded with coupons and discounts.
7. The employees should be trained to deal with different kind of people at the restaurant.

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How will you market your restaurant to increase profit

#4 Postby nitis » Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:05 pm

Well you have a shop and you have to increase your business.So you have to follow some simple steps to come out of the losing business mode and earn good margin. Firstly make a social media presence of your restaurant on the internet.Do a lot of advertising of your shop on its website and other media sites like Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.That will earn a lot of margin for the owner of the shop.Secondly provide good service to your customer.The waiter should interact well with the customer,the frontline personnel should greet customers well and the attitude of all the employees should be positive. That will have a big impact on your business and the customers will regularly visit you.

Then provide extra services to your customers in the restaurant like valet parking,rock concerts so that people from various tastes of life could visit your restaurant.That will be a good idea to make your business progressive and dynamic.The last thing you can do is to provide very delicious food at a considerable that more customers don't say that the food is expensive or not good.So you have to be best in providing delicious food with a tint of music playing in the background.This can lead to a lot of celebrities coming to your restaurant.So the after effects are real and can give your business a big boost for the future.This will finally lead to generation of revenue and profit for your restaurant.

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