Sales Blog:Marketing Blog-Really worth to invest time

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Re: Sales Blog:Marketing Blog-Really worth to invest time

#1 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Sat May 31, 2014 9:33 am

Sales blog: marketing blog: really worth to invest time
Yes its worth. Most of the companies are writing their product details and company details and their method of process, and production details. Lot of discussion will happen in the blogs from that we learn new things. Even they are mentioning each and every company activities in those blogs. If we spend time on those blogs it’s really helpful to understand which product is required for us. Sales blog and marketing blogs are very useful to understand how the sales process and marketing process are going on within the organization and outside the organizations. Even every person can learn something new from each and every blog. So it’s really worth to invest time to know about sales and marketing and as well as about product or service.

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Re: Sales Blog:Marketing Blog-Really worth to invest time

#2 Postby Priya16 » Mon May 26, 2014 10:20 am

Today most of the people write blogs. But, do we have ever thought of writing blog on marketing. I think, it is really worth to invest time in marketing blog. You come to know the different aspects of one topic itself. People express their different views and opinions. It helps you to grow your knowledge base. You come across different topics which you have never heard of. People should write blogs in marketing also rather than their personal blogs. And, while writing blogs on marketing you may also come across about the know-how of corporate world. eg. a topic marketing mix ob which different views and opinions are there, but there is one person who writes about how marketing mix is implemented in the organisations. So, from this you come to know the insights of the marketing world. So,I believe that its worth to invest time on marketing blogs.

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Re: Sales Blog:Marketing Blog-Really worth to invest time

#3 Postby shalini1792 » Sat May 17, 2014 10:11 am

Its worth to invest time in writing blogs relating to sales and marketing only when it caters to the right solutions of the right customers problem. Its very good that there are different topics that are been discussed in the sales and marketing which also helps any individual to keep a track of new jargons coming into the market and the new tactics that a organisation should use.Therefore , spending some time in writing the sales and the marketing blogs is really worth the time because some way or the other its going to help some individual of the organisation to improve there area of field.

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Re: Sales Blog:Marketing Blog-Really worth to invest time

#4 Postby Sales_20 » Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:44 am

Its worth to invest time on blogs if they deliver what you are looking for.There is a huge number of blogs in market today some people have started them actually for some healthy discussion or to share some useful information to others, but most of them are the ones which started and became dead in few weeks and some are running but the discussions going on them are not even worth to read about.

A forum like Fundoodata's Sales Forum which actually is a great platform to discuss is really worth to invest your time.

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Sales Blog:Marketing Blog-Really worth to invest time

#5 Postby Shivani » Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:20 pm

Now-a-days there are many blogs related to Sales & Marketing, but the question arises-If they are really worth it..or is it really worth to invest time on these blogs..Or some companies are using it just for the marketing tactics, because some blogs are genuinely catering the segment for which in they beginning they might have started their respective blogs.But some are just making these blogs to be in the competition, so that today or day after today they would not lack behind their competitors, due to any reason.

It seems that some of the people just started their blogs to mention it in their company' social media activity details..without even considering the fact that when the last time the person wrote something on that blog.But regardless of this fact everyday a new blog add its name into the previous count, but at last the question arises is their existence, if the blog which has started, will actually remain in the picture in the near future or it will just blow off immediately like they way it came into this segment.

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Although their are many forums or the blogs that are really worth to read or to invest time, the activity which happens on these portals is really in huge no.s.. the people actually come here to read, to discuss and to ask something, to the one who they think might really be having the appropriate answers to their questions.But when the segment come across to the blogs which became dead, just after a few months back when they started..then it really raises a question towards the genuinity of these blogs and forums..

I can just hope that a person who might be reading this, should have a feel about our Sales Forum, that its really a place where they can actually discuss, ask or share whatever they want to..feel free to share your opinion on the same..

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