How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#1 Postby archanaimtn » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:16 pm

Patience is what you need to convert a cold call. With everybody busy with their schedule, it is important to play smart and involve customer in a conversation which would be of his interest which is why it is necessary to understand the customer’s need. In order to avoid the call going entirely futile, the caller can try to find out what other products of company can be of customer’s interest and work on it. Although the success rate of positive converts in such cases is very less, callers should always end calls on a positive note so as leave a window of opportunity open to deal with the target in the near future.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#2 Postby krishnaimtn » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:04 am

Cold calling is a task which requires a lot of smartness and patience because the number of converts in a cold call is way too less as compared to the number of rejections in a cold call. In order to deal with a rejection in a cold call the caller must play smart and try and ask the prospect about the reason of his rejection, once the reason is mentioned the caller should try and justify the same with valid points and then try and convince the prospect to buy the product. the caller can also ask the person about his willingness to buy the same product in future and also ask him the appropriate time to get back to him the next time. The most important point to be taken care of is that the caller should end the call on a positive note be it a positive rejection because if one prospect gets annoyed he destroys various other prospects with him.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#3 Postby ISTTMpooja326 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:53 am

If the customer says that he/she is not interested means may be they know that what you want to sell or may be they don't have time to listen your part.
So first try to know the right time to call the customer so he/she able to listen your part and can think about the product or service you are offering.

Either ask the right time from the customer when he/she will be free to talk with you. In that span of time research about the organization get the complete details about the person and organization.
Now keep your part with complete details like use and necessities of the company to take that product or service.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#4 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:31 am

Most of the times clients says i am not interested, when we call to them just we will explain about our product, we don't present it in different way. If we want to call to someone , we should know about customer needs and we should able answer any question and before calling to company we should know about company products and their services, by that we can explain that how our products or service will be useful for their business, then only they will listen to us. Handle them in their prospective and speak in their prospective only.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#5 Postby rinky05 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:50 am

Many times we get people while doing sales saying we are not interested in buying your product or " i 'm not interested" as this is the easiest way to end the conversation . But as being a sales person one should try to convert that no into yes by targeting the new person who will be ready to listen about the product , or try to makes the sales pitch in such a way that it creates the interest for the product to be sold. One thing that is required to be done by the sales professionals is that understand properly the requirement of the company and the person so that right product can be suggested at the right time.

If the products are not suggested on the right time then their are chances of deal not being closed . But this can also be changed by asking him the right time when the requirement will be their and then approach the company at that time but one should never leave the company unattended for successful sales.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#6 Postby ShubhamP » Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:34 am

In most of the occasions during cold call a person has to hear I am not interested.As per my opinion never try to sell during first call.Always try to first understand the customer requirements and focus on relationship building.Once you are in touch with the customer than start relating your product or services and explain how it can benefit his/her organisation.Once the customer starts feeling that your product/service can really help them then he/she will start taking interest and chances of closing the deal will be much higher.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#7 Postby Princi » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:18 pm

Why people say that i am not interested .The reason is so common , because it works.. Most sales person have not a clue how to deal with it, and so prospects can get rid of that....
First of all we should understand that why it happens, reason being prospects get a lot of sales calls, and they have to say that they aren't interested.In same type of business sales person follow the same kind of sales pitch.its all about trade and techniques how you will connect to those prospects and how you will generate real interest, and qualify -- all with one sentence. It sounds good..or tell me what it is exactly...
Use this for the rest of this week and watch your results completely change for the better. Think and analyze that are you using the right pitch and techniques to connect and generate interest.

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#8 Postby Rajesh » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:06 am

padma wrote :
> Hello everyone ,
> I am facing problem in cold calling as most of the prospects starts with
> "I’m Not Interested". How to handle it ?

Well very difficult to have any answer after hearing this on first call but as a sales person one should always be positive..I always believe that there is nothing new in it and mostly every cold call starts with "I am not interested" reason being client doesn't know your comp. or solution..

How to handle this - simple ask for your client's email id and tell them that you would be sending the details of your services for their future needs..Research well about the company..try to extract as much information and also about existing vendor of the prospect and email them explaining your services - How your company can give better soutions and wait for your client's call..Rest assured if you do meaningful reaserach and manage to read the clients need well.. you will surely expect a revert :)

Always remember a very simple mantra in sales " Be honest focussed and work in a right directions - You will be amazed to know that how lucky you have become "

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#9 Postby avinash » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:40 am

During Cold calls .. You have few moments to grab the one you are calling .. No standard speech can work for it..
And, First Impression is the Last.. force him to think about your company after you disconnect.

Happy cold calls ... :)

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Re: How to handle “I’m Not Interested” in a cold call ?

#10 Postby avinash » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:34 am

When we talk about COLD calls.. It gets a bad rap. But it can be effective – if it’s done well and if you have done your homework beforehand.

I also find that cold-calling can be made more effective when you send an email first to warm-up your prospect. ;)

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