Sri Lankan President's first foreign visit to India

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Re: Sri Lankan President's first foreign visit to India

#1 Postby anuragims » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:20 pm

As good neighbours India and Sri Lanka have enjoyed good relations over decades. sri lanka was one of the active participant in Nehru's non aligned movement. The newly elected Sri Lanka president Maithripala sirisena visited India on February 16th. this visit was significant for both the countries as he came to India to strengthen ties between India and Sri Lanka. India and Sri lanka signed trade agreements on trade and civil nuclear power and co-operation during Maithripala's visit, the first sri lanka has signed with any country. Under this deal , india will help sri lanka in building its nuclear energy infrastructure including the training of personnel and India could also sell Sri Lanka small scale nuclear reactors which wants to establish 600 mw of nuclear capacity by 2030. this move towards sharing of nuclear power technology is very important for both the countries as china is interfering in the political affairs of Sri Lanka and building a seaport in the south of the country and chinese submarines docked last year in Sri Lanka. so this ties will help both the countries in competing with china as it is becoming a major power.

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Re: Sri Lankan President's first foreign visit to India

#2 Postby PrabhatP » Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:20 am

Sri Lankan President's first foreign visit to India is very significant and historic move to amend the bilateral ties which was going no where due to bad foreign foreign policies by the previous government. Sri Lanka being our adjacent neighbour plays a very strategic role in the regional power balance between India & China. Sri Lanka being our traditional partner cannot be neglected and India needs to have a better diplomatic, cultural and economical relationship. Sri Lankan government has shown to improve better relations with India by appointing a Chief Justice of Tamil origin similarly Modi's Government should also provide some special privilege to the people and government of Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lankan President's first foreign visit to India

#3 Postby Lal » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:28 am

Sri Lanka's new president Maitripala Srisena is in India and this is his first foreign visit to any country. This is a very good sign that he paid his first visit to India as in the past we could not create healthy relationship with Sri Lanka. Now we have an opportunity to give it a fresh start and take the relationship to new highs. If India wants less participation of China in Sri Lanka we will have to do heavy investment to replace China. Let us see what comes out of this maiden visit.

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