Importance of Reading

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Re: Importance of Reading

#1 Postby Lal » Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:09 am

Fuel is one of the essential inputs needs to move the vehicle and at the same way food is required to maintain the healthy body. We never forget to have food because our body immediately responds or some time it affects our physical activities. What do we feed to our mind? Our mind gets its food from daily experiences which are very less to maintain a healthy mind. It is said that life is too short to keep experimenting on itself so we need to learn from others' life as well.
This world has produced various leaders from different walks of life so we can learn from their experiences for which we need to read about themselves. Its not reading biography or autobiography only we have so many other books, newspaper, journals and other reports of different organizations which we should read. I feel one should at least devote two hours of one's daily schedule to reading. If one is able to make it a habit wonders can happen in his life.

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Re: Importance of Reading

#2 Postby Kalpit » Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:23 pm

100% correct.. we are missing the joy of should be inculcated from childhood.. choice of books to read finally shall come out by internal nature of the child

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Importance of Reading

#3 Postby Prathamesh0794 » Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:28 pm

If we ask people about their hobbies, many would say “reading”. Earlier generations used to read a lot compared to current generation. Reading enables a person to be more intelligent and knowledgeable. There is no one in the world who hasn’t read a book – it might be a school book, a comic or even a magazine. As we all know, by reading we unknowingly gather information. Books take us to another world. Even without visiting a new country, a person understands the culture and traditions of that country. When a child sees his elders reading, it inspires him or her to read. Parents should take care that as we take pain to inculcate the feelings of spirituality, social awareness and traditional values in children, we should also ensure that children befriend books. In this we can ensure that we are bringing up good citizens. When a child reads he or she can even find solutions to his problems through the books. Nowadays parents are too busy with their hectic life. They do not have time to pay attention to the concerns of their children. In many situations books can serve as guiding factor or helpline in children’s life. Parents should take care that the child spends less time on TV and Internet and spends more time on reading.

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