Make in India, Made in India

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Re: Make in India, Made in India

#1 Postby amolss3 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:34 am

In the manner of government and entities dependent upon it, everyone in defence production from the ministries of defence and commerce, the defence industrial estate and even the military has jumped on to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's bandwagon of "Make in India" The truth is less encouraging. While nobody has explicitly clarified what exactly "Make in India" would be, it is being interpreted as the licensed manufacture of foreign defence equipment, which the DPP covers under the categories of "Buy and Make" and "Buy and Make (Indian)". This is very different from a "Made in India" product, which is encapsulated in the "Make" category of the DPP, involving the ground-up development of indigenous defence platforms. In defence, "Make in India" never provided Indian manufacturers the capability to upgrade platforms that require fresh technology as time goes by; in fact, manufacturing licensing conditions usually stipulate that the buyer can make no alterations.

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Make in India, Made in India

#2 Postby nitis » Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:04 pm

Well India's manufacturing sector is not doing too well, its contribution to the total GDP has been low from the beginning of the year 1990.The sector which should be at the threshold of India's business arena is lacking behind the other sectors like agriculture(primary sector) and the services sector(tertiary sector).So the major economists and the government which is ruling the country has to find out the way to revive the manufacturing sector.That is the reason why Narendra Modi concentrated his speech on the title "Make in India,Made in India" during the Independence day address to the country. Narendra Modi is well aware of the problem which the manufacturing sector is facing in India.So he has come up with a plan of "Make in India,Made in India" where he is inviting firms from outside to set up their manufacturing bases in India and produce their goods in the country.His exact lines were "Come,make in India".The intention of the Prime Minister is clear as he wants the participation of foreign firms in the manufacturing domain of India.His idea is very clear to make India a manufacturing hub like it was called as a golden bird many years ago.

Even today,India's manufacturing sector has not grown to that level to which it should have grown.Its contribution to GDP is well behind the service sector which contributes 56.5% to GDP while the former contributing only 16% to India's GDP.You won't believe India's manufacturing sector share in the global manufacturing arena is just 2% ,which is very less as compare to the immense size of our country.India needs to pump up its manufacturing sector so as to increase its expertise and skills in manufacturing.What India is doing from many years is that it is importing a lot of its products from foreign countries and not making them in house.Lately a lot of manufacturing countries have set up their base in India,so as to invest in India as companies see a bigger future for India in the Asian market. Narendra Modi's constant effort to promote his Make in India,Made in India strategy is an initiative building up on this idea.Why big foreign companies like Walmart,Mercedes and Volkswagen are venturing into the Indian market.That is a big question to be asked.These companies want to come to India and do huge investment, but due to the strict government rules and regulations they have to restrict their investment and expansion plans in India.So the new government of Modi is encouraging foreign companies to come to India and invest here,setup plants here and do your production within the country.That is a clear indication what our Prime Minister wants from the foreign manufacturing companies.So this gives a lot of encouragement to the foreign companies heads who want to come to India,but have been not so successful in doing investments in India.

The fact is that these companies want to come to India and on the other hand our Indian nationals also want these companies to enter India.But there is a lot of politics involved behind this matter.There are a lot of government officials who are in the government ministry or at the top posts in the government,who seriously don't want foreign companies to enter India as firstly they think that the foreign companies will take away the business from the Indian counterpart who have their base in India.Secondly they don' want any person from abroad to come to India and work here.That is the poor mentality which is showed by some people in India.So these things are discouraging investment in India.That is the reason why FDI has faced a lot of tough measures in our country.So the total make in india,made in india approach of our Prime Minister is seen in a positive sense by the whole country.All the economists and top people in the government are supporting this idea of Mr Modi.The people of our country may be having a mixed reaction on this issue,but most of them will be in favour of this decision.Well everybody wants a better India with its manufacturing base expanding to a great extent.

Well the vision which Mr Modi has seen will be a great success as it has opened up the entry barriers for many companies who were earlier struggling to enter the Indian market.These companies were restricted by the government rules and regulations.But with Mr Modi making recent trips to United States of America and Australia it has been ascertained that brighter prospects are coming to India in the near future.Mr Modi gave a clear message to the government of both the countries to come and invest in India.He encouraged the people of both countries to partner India for a better growth of India.Now we can see in the near future many multinational companies coming to India and setting up their plants in the country and selling their products in India.Many major big companies like Deloitte, Amazon, GE, Honeywell, Mercedes, Volkswagen and General Motors have already set up their base in India.But what we see many of these companies not making good profit in India and are running in loss,Amazon India being one of the example.

So,the future of the country is in the hands of the government.The manufacturing sector requires skilled people and provides employment to lacs of people in India starting from contract workers to full working employees.So the idea of make in India is clearly understood by the foreign players and they are excited to enter the Indian market in full joy.

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