Mishra's journey from McDonald's delivery boy to Mindtree

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Mishra's journey from McDonald's delivery boy to Mindtree

#1 Postby Shivani » Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:54 pm

In India various industries are touching new heights of success while IT is facing crisis but despite the same IT industry still continues to be big attraction for young people from small towns.

Ajay, a 23 year old guy who is a true example of rags to riches which software industry engendered. Until last year, Ajay worked for nearly 20 hours daily — from waiting tables at a bar to scootering around as a McDonald's delivery boy. But to a surprise in October an employee of Mindtree, Jibin Joseph found him at the apartment where Ajay also worked as a watchman.

"I saw him reading a Java programming book and wanted to learn more," said Joseph. The next day, Joseph had a chat with colleagues at Mindtree, and Ajay was then invited for rounds of interviews at the company. "When I was told I will have to work for eight hours every day at Mindtree, I couldn't believe — I was so used to working for 16-20 hours daily," said Ajay.

Its a real story & a true example that Hard Work Leads to Success.

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