Growing Internet- A hazard for children

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Re: Growing Internet- A hazard for children

#1 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:20 pm

I don't think so. In the present situation internet is important for everyone. We can learn lot of things from that. But my suggestion is parents should take care of their children. They should observe their children, children should use intern in front of parents only. If they won't do such things, then it will become hazard for children. Really we have lot advantages and disadvantages with internet. Parents should tell to their children s that how to use and when to use the internet and they should explain the advantages of internet to the children s. Even most of the websites won't allow people who have less than 18 years. But most of the children's are using social media sites with wrong information. Parents and teachers should take care of those things. Really in this fast generation, if we want to sustain in the society we need all those things. More we should know what is right and what is wrong. Everyone is giving freedom to their children’s, it's a good thing but give up to certain extent and guide them properly and train them perfectly.

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Growing Internet- A hazard for children

#2 Postby pushkarp89 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:43 pm

Today almost every house in city is equipped with a PC or a laptop along with the internet connection.It has become a necessity as internet is used everywhere,from the Banks to the Hospitals,from the Schools to the Railway Reservation counter ,internet is used.If we have given any homework regarding any project,article writing or any other presentations all we need is to google the topic and then download,so need not to worry about doing the things by self.Actually we can say it has become a part of our life.
Earlier internet was only used by US army and research units like DRDO,they used this technology for sharing of data in laboratories and to be in contact with the army.After realizing its importance it was then made accessible to the public.Now we can get any information through internet.
Though it seems that many of us are misusing it especially the school going children.Internet should be meant for the constructive work regarding studies and researches but today many children use social networking sites like Facebook,twitter and other irrelevant sites as their mode of entertainment. Facebook upto an extent is good but over use can lead to lack of concentration towards studies. Other irrelevant sites are also tempting the children towards it.In a research it is found that about 49% of the teenagers use internet at 11 pm till 3-4 am.Many parents provide internet connection facility in their house so that their children can use them as a source of getting knowledge apart from books,but this thing is quite obsolete instead they generally use internet in other way.
Another drawback of too much involvement in internet by the children is that they do not get the time for outdoor games like cricket ,football and other physical activities and consequently making them prey to diseases like obesity,laziness,retarded growth and other health issues.
Though a complete ban is not a solution to this problem,but a restricted use of internet should be implemented and that too under the guidance of their parents. Parents and teachers should make their children aware of the negative impact of using internet, and should make them involve in outdoor games and other physical activities to make them fit.
Internet should be aimed at getting required knowledge. Government should take some strict action against the social sites which contains unnecessary elements,texts,images and videos.

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