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Re: Rapid increase of unsuccessful engineers in India

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:48 pm
by vitaj
Engineers form a major chunk of the demographic dividend, which at present is proving to be a bane for our country. As of 2012, 13,00,000 applicants write the engineering exams and this figure is going to increase in near future. All the applicants try to get in premier engineering colleges but only 5%-6% succeed. The remaining unsuccessful applicants either have to be satisfied with the below average or low level engineering college. Also, with huge fees and below par placement, they have to be satisfied with a very low return on investment. To improve on this situation, what government can do is to open the education sector to foreign private players which will help good engineering colleges outside to come to India and this will increase the quality of education.

Re: Rapid increase of unsuccessful engineers in India

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:46 am
by ISTTMpooja326
As you all know that india has maximum number of engineers comparing to other countries. But this is not a boon because in that only 20% are
successful engineers. This is due to the large number of colleges and there is no facility and faculty to maintain it.
I agree that colleges are there with good infrastructure but what about quality of education knowledge a student and
a engineer need.In every college there is only just theoretical knowledge was given, there is no practical knowledge. I am not saying that
theoretical knowledge is not necessary but practical knowledge is also necessary. because a student can forget the theoretical basic or
knowledge but experience cannot be forgotten.

Rapid increase of unsuccessful engineers in India

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:45 pm
by pushkarp89
As we know that from the last 15 years there is a great advancement of engineering colleges in India. Apart from the IIT and AIEEE colleges there are many government colleges which are controlled by state government,but this too is not the limit. There are many privately owned institutions which are providing engineering degrees to the students especially near Delhi and NCRs and consequently producing lakhs of engineers every year.
It is a point to notice that only the engineering graduates are increasing instead,the number of jobs for them.Though for a society it is a positive aspect as the number of literates are increasing but nobody is aware of the no of unemployed which are also simultaneously increasing with that.It is often said that after 10 years the number of engineers will be more than India's population.
The problem regarding that increase is that the quality of engineering is decreasing day by day.There are various other courses also which are far better than doing engineering in such private colleges. Engineering in actual sense is not only a professional course but it is also a field which is done by heart,it requires single minded devotion of the students to get success. But today world wants only a degree in hands rather than knowledge and this is the only reason why majority of the engineers are either unemployed or they are not getting jobs which requires their engineering knowledge.
Today parents too force their children to take engineering as an option to their career even though they are not interested in it resulting in their failure. Apart from engineering there are many options to choose from which too has bright future so why to indulge in the field you are not interested to?
Instead they should give full freedom to their children to opt their career themselves so that they could learn all the thing by heart.In almost every street in Delhi and NCRs we can see an engineering college setting up,government should not let this happen as all of us know that students from these colleges can never be successful due to lack of teaching facility,as they hire local professors at low salaries,lack of laboratories,learning equipments etc.