Education System

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Re: Education System

#1 Postby jackwilson10001 » Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:25 pm

Thanks for sharing your ideas..

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Re: Education System

#2 Postby kunalrocky » Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:23 pm

Education system in India as per me is not up to the mark especially in the recent scenario owing to the mushrooming of colleges with lack of quality education and faculties where the imparting of knowledge is a mere formality and neither the college nor the faculty members are concerned about what they are teaching and what students are learning from them.These colleges are concerned with only money which they charge heavily from the students without fulfilling any kind of promises which they make in the prospectus of the college.
Our education system should focus on having a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge so that a student has a better idea of what he is reading and how its being applied in practical life.Often we keep on hearing that engineering students are not getting placed owing to lack of company oriented skills and severe lack of practical acumen,the sole reason being the projects which most of them are doing are either copied or is done by the project centers with the student getting involved in the same only to pay the amount that is to be paid to them and hence they totally lack in understanding the intricacies of the subject and hence don't develop any kind of skills which is a must these days and is required by the companies.
Being candid enough these kind of problems are being faced in tier 2 and tier 3 colleges where capitation has become a fashion thing and the first day when the students happen to meet the first question they ask is,'HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY TO GET ADMISSION OVER HERE'. Is this where our education system is going?
I think the Ministry of Human resource and Development must have a look at these kind of problems and try sorting out the same and should direct the educational institutions to impart quality education and should demand a report on what have they done to raise the standards of education.
Other than this English is something which every graduate needs to focus on.I am sad to say but 80 percent of the students( pardon me if i am wrong) in tier 2 and tier 3 colleges are not well versed in English and hence face great difficulty in facing interview and group discussions and despite having a sound technical knowledge are not able to impress the recruiter and hence land jobless.
Hence the educations system should be changed and the loop holes should me mend to make each and every graduate job ready.

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Re: Education System

#3 Postby Sindhuja » Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:09 pm

According to me Education system has turned in to business. They are making money from education. They are not even providing a standard training for the students but rather than they want to take more fees even for lower classes. Now a days many corporate schools came into existence with high fees. Middle class people cannot afford that fee. So government has to take some necessary steps and not encourage them with high fees. Even then they are not providing practical knowledge for the students, they are giving the importance only for theory. But it doesn't work with students they need practical knowledge as well.
So government has to take some steps in order to reduce the fees where a middle class people should afford that fees.

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position of education system in india

#4 Postby sandeepalisha786 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:29 pm

according to my opinion now days education system turn's into business system because of now days students are depend on coaching where it is useful even so much harmful for our education system .as if we know that now days so much modern ate seeing in our colleges as well as our school's. even student having bad habit regarding the education . wherever we see what we find that corruption is include in our education system which could be dangerous for our upcoming future.because now days no body want to learn the basic thing even-though they don't want to know about their subject to learn beside to take a highest mark in exams that's why they are interested to do coaching. if we want a better education system in our society or country so firstly we have take a step against coaching system which is decreasing our education root once we find out main problem regarding this definitely we will get a better culture in our society as well as sober education system.

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Re: Education System

#5 Postby ISTTMpooja326 » Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:29 pm

According to my opinion, there is a need of changes in the education system.
Because in india today also there is a old pattern of examination. Indian education system still concentrating on the books and exams.
They are not working on the skills of the students and to increase their practical knowledge. Still students are buttifying the subjects
before the day of examination.
There is a need of change in the education system.

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Re: Education System

#6 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:56 am

According to my opinion, our Indian education system is good till now. But really we need lot of changes to catch this fast generation. Our education system need small changes like we should be more practical than theoretical. Of course we are saying this from last 10 years ,but we are not implementing. Till now i observed that even pour students don't open the book till the date of exam. Because they hate our system. my simple suggestion rather-than conducting an exam, just allow them to do the research and ask them submit the report on that report and allow them do the live projects. Sure students will learn something from that. That will help them in their career, like For management student, we need understand customer needs and we need to manage lot of things. Every management student will do the same thing when they join in corporate company. So better give some live case studies to understand the corporate problems by that they can understand how to handle the situations and problem, what ever it is. Do the personnel assessment for every one. By that they can understand that what are they..? These are not implementing in most of the MBA and and degree colleges. One more thing we need strong foundation to in child age. So we need small changes in our education system.

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Education System

#7 Postby akkitheakshay » Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:01 pm

Through years an important trade of knowledge sharing has changed our lives. Through years it emerged as structured system in society.Its been transformed from verbal to written phases, upnishadas to biotechnology .Earlier it was restricted to only some higher raises now open for all.Over the long period propagation of knowledge is going from one to another generations.
In India the glory of this education system has interrupted since decades.
Today's education system is corrupted at its roots.Early stages of education has made compulsory but passing too has made compulsory.No competition at early ages where children has most capability to cope up with situations, more capability to retain and learn. The most important purpose of education has vanished.Only passing standards passing standards has become only goal.Practical knowledge , relevance to the day today life is not taken in consideration. Students only passing by regardless of knowing things.teachers blaming system , students blaming teachers and its becoming a non ending deadlock of unhealthy education system.
In today's scenario teachers are working more in other government activities than teaching , more burden on them rather than students.They asked to keep records, complete booklets rather than personally attending the individuals in class. Hence students relying on tutions outside , such commercial tutors make them read and write whatever is there for exam. Automatically students are becoming exam oriented rather than knowledge oriented.Till 8th std everyone is pushed into next std, to show the education level has increased in past years but what about the knowledge propagated, what are those students eligible of? who cant even read or write till 8th std.
Its becoming serious issue no one have time to pay attention to that.Government is with new policies, teachers with rest unnecessary work,commercial coaching classes with their profits everyone is busy.
Though we are knowledge hub in the world.none of our management schools are in top 100 worldwide B schools, very few institutes are globally recognized.We don't have equipped labs for bio-medicals.No facilities for astronomers, scientists. Very few encouragement from our education system to them. Which later lead to 'Brain drain' .

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