The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#11 Postby HR-Shivi » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:27 pm

I would like to write on two social evils which have plagued the Indian society since Independence.

Child Labor: In India we can see that rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. The main reason for this is that the society considers that a mouth to feed comes to with two hands to work as well. Most of children are denied their basic right that is to get educated. Government is making efforts to abolish child labor and provide various attractions to lure children to the schools. A simple suggestion to the government can be to stop funding the schools and instead use something like school vouchers which should be issued to the parents. As a company, we can setup initiatives where we encourage the employees to participate in child education and other social services. This not only cleans up the society but also acts as a branding initiative. As an individual we can join NGO’s and sign up for Government based public schools as visiting faculties and spread our knowledge to the people who are in need.

Dowry: The concept of dowry started with a noble reason. A father willingly decides to share his wealth with his daughter at the time of her marriage, but now it has take the shape of the most dreaded evil in the Indian society. Thousands of girls are humiliated, beaten and even killed for dowry every year. Government has already played its part by putting strict laws into practice against any crimes related to dowry. It is up to the individual to understand when the greed is turning evil. Parents need to be aware that having a girl child is a boon and a bad name in the society is much better than losing the child forever. As an individual we should be aware of the laws in place for such evils and should have the mental toughness to say NO when the time comes.

So, on this Independence Day of our country INDIA, be aware and proud to take courage for Individual initiative to sweep these evils out of our lives and from the country as a whole!!!
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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#12 Postby Biyatris » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:25 pm

“Others might have forgotten, But never can I, The flag of my country furls very High”

Yes; India is celebrating its 68th Independence Day on 15 August...!! This is traditionally celebrated with fill zeal, fervor and great excitement. Every particle and pollen in the air seems to be charged with the love of the motherland on this particular day.

With proud and glory let me also cry up: “I am the citizen of Independent India“ where the world’s largest, oldest, continuous civilization exists, where Lord Buddha visited in 500 BC, where Zero (0) in number system was invented by Aryabhatta, the world’s first university Takshashila was established, where the mother of all European language Sanskrit originated, where Algebra, Trigonometry and calculus came, where Chess was invented, where Shusruta the father of surgery was born, where the three religions Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism originated, where the decimal system was developed, the largest English speaking nation in the world…Ohh...!! Am falling short of words to describe my motherland – INDIA.

Today we have come a long way in the path of free India. Independence Day reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning and the beginning of an era of deliverance from the clutches of British colonialism of more than 200 years. We have proved ourselves worthy of freedom. We are considered as the largest democracy in the world. How proud we were when Abhinav Bindra made our National Flag flutter and ‘Jana Gana Mana’ played at the background in Beijing? The struggle for Independence was such a moving force that it united all the people belonging to different castes, classes and beliefs into a single nation. Women also came out of their houses and significantly contributed to the freedom struggle. Women like Aruna Asaf Ali, Sarojine Naidu, Vijay Laxmi Pandit, Kamala Nehru, Kasturba Gandhi, and Annie Beasant contributed greatly to the success of our freedom movement. The day is celebrated with great fervor and people pay homage to the thousands of lives laid down by great men and women, they remember the countless sacrifices made and they glorify the great Indian tradition and culture with which we have enriched the world.

The history of the nation gives a glimpse into the magnanimity of its evolution - from a Country reeling under colonialism, to one of the leading economies in the global scenario within a span of fifty years. More than anything, the nationalistic fervor of the people is the contributing force behind the culmination of such a development. This transformation of the nation instills a sense of national pride in the heart of every Indian within the Country and abroad, and this is a modest attempt to keep its flame alive. Like every free nation of the world, India also has its own flag. It is a symbol of a free country. The National Flag of India was designed by Pingali Venkayyaand and adopted in its present form during the meeting of Constituent Assembly held a few days before India's independence from the British. On July 22, 1947, the Constituent Assembly adopted it as Free India National Flag. After the advent of Independence, the colors and their significance remained the same. The Dharma Charkha of Emperor Asoka was adopted as the emblem on the flag. This Dharma Chakra depicted the "wheel of the law" in the Sarnath Lion Capital made by the 3rd-century BC Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. The chakra intends to show that there is life in movement and death in stagnation. Thus, the tricolor flag of the Congress Party eventually became the tricolor flag of Independent India. In the national flag, the top band is of Saffron color, indicating the strength and courage of the country. The white middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The last band is green in color shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land. The National Song of India, Vande Mataram, was composed in Sanskrit by Bankimchandra Chatterji, and was a source of inspiration to the people in their struggle for freedom. It has an equal status with Jana-gana-mana. The first political occasion when it was sung, was the 1896 session of the Indian National Congress.

The Indian Independence was certainly not attained on a silver platter by its people, but was a tale of a long and arduous struggle that bore the fruit of freedom for the Country. The new generation has to learn to be an Indian, not today, not tomorrow, but for every day of the year. Learn to believe and treat our self as an Indian. It also reminds us that our forefathers have done their share of duty. It lies in our hands now how do we shape and form the future of our country. Remember, a show of love or tribute to the nation is much different from real love and respect for our country and nation. Warm wishes of Independence Day to all..!!

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#13 Postby pearl » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:10 pm

An individual Indian can not bring a Big change but together we can make a big difference. The pace at which we Indians are moving ahead is slow. It would take two generations before India would be known as the Greatest Nation of the world.

So the principle of one man one vote and one vote one value, should be followed & each of should have its contribution. Biggest issue of our country is illiteracy. One should at least contribute & educate one Indian, and a chain of the same can make India literate. People say Indians are hardworking, honest, does that means we should be treated as Slaves..? No...!! fight for your rights which are gifted by constitution... Because this is the biggest power which can bring your fortune shine & gives you capability to take others in right direction... With education there will be no child labor, no corruption, and will develop positive environment.. and Indians will be proud...

Women empowerment... Changing the old mindset and giving the same power to women is very important.. Although our society do not support the same, despite of finest human qualities like compassion, self awareness, sacrifice, service, devotion. If I am not wrong pillars of business which are dedication, consistency, hard work & honesty are also attributes of women, which are being sensed by few in society by giving them equal opportunity.. Our constitution which was written by Prem Bihari Narain Raizada, had a far vision due to which he stated laws like Equality, Rights to Education, Right to Speak, Right against exploitation, Right to freedom of religion, Right to constitutional remedies, which can bring Peace & make India proud.

We should actively follow them in our life.

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#14 Postby KaranL » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:07 pm

Its immense pleasure and prestigious pride for me to write on the Topic ‘What we can do to make India Pride’

India, land of diversities and one of the oldest civilization of the world, land where great leaders are born, land which have given birth legends like Bhagat Singh, Milkha Singh and many more. A land where we see the first Wonder of the World, land where almost every festival that exist is celebrated with enthusiasm and more over biggest democratic Nation of the World but today this greatness is only limited within the books of history or sculptures..

Now, being born in utmost pride nation, what we can do to make India’s pride is:

1) On the most important thing that I would say is that, every Indian should so is Organ Donation. As being highly populated, if we start doing this thing.. i.e. donate our organs when we are dead, this will help a lot to make India a healthy nation.

2) We should keep our Country clean.. as what do is, we keep our home clean, in past few years there have been few campaign which have helped us in keeping our city clean , but I strongly recommend is we should keep our Country clean, as this thing will not only improve our health of Nation but this will also us in building beautiful India

3) Help the poor & needy is also one of the most important thing that we should do and this we can do by just donating a small portion of Huge Salary

4) I would say that we should give respect to all the sports as in India ,as cricket is the one where we find all the sponsors and even we do not respect to our National sport Hockey, we should watch all sports with fun enthusiasm

5) One of the most important thing that I would say, we should choose the right Leaders to run our Country, as this high time we need to think to upon this.

6) Brain drain should be reduced to certain level at least... taking this forward with few examples, 36 % of total population in world biggest window "Microsoft" are Indian , maximum ration of scientist in "NASA" are Indian and we have many other examples.. On the other hand India is one of the fastest growing nation, the best we can do is make these veteran people to make their efforts in India and do something to in India to make India Pride..

In the end I would say everyone lives in their country but who strives to make it best as very few, all of us Indian from across Nation should join hand together and make India reflected as the most prestigious place in the WORLD :)

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#15 Postby Shikha Gupta » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:05 pm

INDIA...Incredible India!!!

A land of diversity, a land wherein various religions are followed, people spoke different languages but still everyone loves each other...

Now if someone asks me that what you can do to make India Proud?

My answer would be: Being a citizen of this country I'll obey all the rules made by our govt. I’ll do little things which are in my hand as am a common man..As am not a scientist so that I’ll be doing a discovery nor am doctor who will invent new ways of surgery so, being common what I can do to make India proud will be: doing my basic duties like giving honor to our guest who are coming from various country which people are doing are not doing now these days, will be helping others whenever they need me, I’ll be always here to serve my motherland in any the best possible way I can, because I think by giving little contribution toward my country will make it proud itself.

Jai Hind!!

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#16 Postby bhawna » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:04 pm

Our national motto is 'Satyameva Jayate' or 'truth alone triumphs', which means, truth even when alone, ultimately wins. This motto seems to be losing its virtuality in the present day world or so it seems from the current scenario of our nation because of which, inspite of being world's tenth largest economy as per our annual GDP we are still plagued by many vices such as poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy etc.

We as citizens of our nation can work towards eradicating the root cause of such vices i.e.; corruption, poverty and thus shining out our national motto. The most important contribution towards this can be by educating ourselves and others about the importance of knowing and voting for the right candidate. The leaders that we choose for ourselves decide the future that we are choosing for us. So, it is nobody else but our responsibility what future we give ourselves. Also, we can do some good to our nation by becoming its 'responsible' citizen.

A responsible citizen is not only the one who pays his or her taxes. We have to change our self, our family, friends etc and then can also help poors and uneducated people to read or write.

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#17 Postby Nikunj » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:03 pm

We should be honest to our motherland that will fight against all odds to cleanse the dirt of the society and country. It is high time to raise our voice against all the corruption and unlawful works. We should not indulge ourselves in any job that cause harm to our own motherland by any means.

Let’s make our own mother, India be proud of her children. We need to follow the law and order. I think no one is bigger than system and what the system asking us to do and the same we should follow also is to bring the awareness and truthness in India. Just feel that we are proud to be an Indian and India will be itself proud.

Always have the feeling "I love my India" and then see the result, tell all the people that India is the best. India's traditional language Sanskrit is the mother of all the languages. India is the largest and the youngest democracy in the world. Stop calling people chaiwallah, kachrewali, autowallah, naukar, driver etc. Ask them their names and use that information. Stop treating the maid(s), drivers and others that work for we ‘pretty well’ and treat them as we would like/expect our employer to treat we. Always say "EAST OR WEST MY INDI A IS ALWAYS THE BEST"

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#18 Postby Ruchi » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:02 pm

Lets starts with the problems and its Solutions-
India’s major problem is illiteracy, presently 26% of population of India is illiterate and the main reason is lack of awareness, so we have to aware those people to send their children to school, as we know that youth is the future of our country so when children get educated they become a good citizen and civilized..

Illiteracy leads to ”Poverty”, another major problem of India, as we are seeing that so many people are homeless and dying with hunger, so we can help those people by providing them food stopping wastage of food in marriage parties, hotels, restaurants.. And I think if we truly want to help such type of people we can help them directly not through any NGO or organization and also convince others to help them.

One more thing we can do to make our country proud by being law abiding citizen and insist others to follow the same, we all should be honest to our Motherland and fight against all odds to cleanse the dirt of society and the country but firstly we have start this from our self and then we convince others to do the same.

It is time high time to raise your voice against all the corruption & unlawful works. We should not indulge ourselves in any job that cause harm to our own Motherland by any mean..

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#19 Postby Sakshis » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:02 pm

India, which is known for one of the most culturally diverse country. The largest democratic country with a great economy. If we talk about its features than according to me India is rich in culture, literature, art-architecture, in agriculture, geographical features etc. Infact India earned a great achievement in science & technology. India has the second largest pool of Scientists and Engineers in the World. Indian Self sufficiency in agriculture and in certain industrial sectors.
But inspite of having such things India is still in a counting of developing country...
This is just because there are such problems. Or you can say such issues which can never be solved out, which was created by us only & due to which India is still in a developing stage..

There are many goals that needs to be focus

. End corruption in India
. At least 90% literacy rate nationwide.
. Better infrastructure in India
. Solve Health Issues and Better health facilities in India
. Equality
. Poverty

The problems you can’t' ignore can't discard it but you can change it...An individual India cannot bring a Big change but together we Proud Indians can make a big difference. The pace at which we Indians are moving ahead is slow. It would take two generations before India would be known as the Greatest Nation of the world..But someone needs to initiate it...

We can help India by our skills, knowledge, time & educating more & more people & children. Because, education is one of most dominant factor to remove poverty, corruption, inequality, castism and enhance economic growth.

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Re: The Independence Day India 2014:What we need to do..!!

#20 Postby Sakshi » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:01 pm

India is a democratic country, where people from all caste,creed,religion,colour has equal rights and they live together , no other has such huge diversity, and yet being a powerful country after being ruled for so many years.

But still there is a huge scope of improvement, as citizen of India we have to be more honest to our motherland and understand good person make good society which indeed makes good districts, further making good states and finally making good country. We should help our country in anyway. We should reduce the poverty and corruption in India.

We should be selfless and fearless. We should stand against what is wrong, and should unite against it, understand we should fight for the cause, "who make us ignorant? We ourselves. We put our hands over our eyes and weep that it is dark”. All we need is a little bit of strength and courage to build a new India, an India which we can truly feel proud of. An individual Indian cannot bring a big change but together we Proud Indians can make a big difference.

There are few things as an individual I think and you all may agree that these changes sooner or later will make the world a good place to live in as said by one of the great personality of India Vivekananda "we are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make

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