Who has it easier – the boss or the employee?

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Who has it easier – the boss or the employee?

#1 Postby stewgoo621 » Tue May 26, 2015 8:42 am

The employee has it easier for he is answerable to his boss, while the boss is accountable for his subordinates and is answerable to his boss as well.
As a leader, his task is to apportion work to his subordinates, and thus he has the added responsibility of watching out for them.
He is the liaison between the two parties, the link that ensures smooth functioning of the tract he is handling.
The employee has his assignments to complete in the stipulated time, while for employers or bosses, they not only have to complete assignments apportioned for them by their superiors but also get work done by his subordinates.
so, the job gets tougher as you climb the rungs of the ladder.

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