Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#1 Postby Priya16 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:45 am


I agree to a considerable extent that whatever the customer says is correct. Gandhiji says that treat your customers as God. We should see that our customers do not face any problem while using our products and services. Because if they face, then it is we who are at fault. So, if they face any problem they are right, because there might be certain loopholes in the product which might have caused problem to the customers. However, today even consumers are becoming corrupt, and without any fault, they will blame us for the products and services. However, in reality they might have caused damage to the product, and when they want a new one without spending extra money, they will balme us for the low quality goods and services. We should be aware and alert of such kind of consumers in the market. They not only lower down the image of the organisation but also try to act as if they have some power and can do anything that they want. Be sure that you provide good quality of goods and services to consumers so that they cannot find out any loopholes in it and don't blame you for the mistakes. Otherwise, even the owner who runs the firm is very much aware about different types of consumers prevailing in the market and they can differentiate between good and corrupt customers. If the good ones complaint then we should assume that they are correct otherwise, with corrupt ones you should be strong ad prove them that they are wrong, so that they do not repeat this mistake with any other organisation.

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#2 Postby ISTTMpooja326 » Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:43 am

Yes, I agree that customers are big asset for any organization but I did not agree with this that whatever customers says is correct. Because some of them may have right knowledge about the product but some of may be completely not. Usually many of them do the guessing work while negotiating and bargaining.
a very good example to prove my point is here below:
A mother goes to buy the dress for her daughter first time in city and she fines a very good design but when she checks with quality of the product, it seems to be very poor according to her.
So she bargains their and says why I should pay very high amount to this poor quality dress.
but at the same place her daughter know the about latest design and fashion so she will buy because according her the rate was ri8.
So the customers knowledge and thoughts are vary and depending upon that we cannot say that whatever customer says is right.

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#3 Postby shalini1792 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:25 pm

Well, i think its definitely true. In today's business era, Customer is the king And hence anything he wants is been well taken care of by the marketers and producers of the organisation. The desires ,taste and the fashion liked by the customers are kept in mind and then the product is been designed. and so whatever the customer says is correct for the companies .

Making the products and customising the services as per the needs and wants of the customers helps in effective sales of the product with the increased demands and thereby maximising the profits of the organisation.

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#4 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:46 am

Yes , what ever customers says is correct. Customer needs will change frequently and companies should follow customer , they should make a product or service according to customer needs only, then only they can sustain in the market. Moreover customer only knows about any product , they will judge any product or service in genuine way, because they have good experience on products and services.Moreover customers are big assets for any organizations. For this best examples are Samsung and all telecom companies in India. Most of the telecom companies gives different offers to different customers. They always follows customer needs. So customer is the king for any business.

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#5 Postby rachna » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:24 am

Ya its true customer is the king of any business..Business success or failure depends on its customers only and its very difficult to retain its customer but its not true whatever they say its correct...Sometimes customer say whatever they know from their end or their part...They want price according to their requirement not according to the product value or its demand...Sometimes they don't know how to use products or don't buy it according to their requirement and afterwards they think that the product quality and services is bad...we have to take their reviews very seriously and should talk to the customers about their bad experience and its reasons in order to judge whatever they saying is wrong from their side or from ours...

So whatever the customer says is not correct always..

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#6 Postby rinky05 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:01 am

If we look today's scenario,If someone wants to remain in the market, always, he must consider the client as the king.The price and quality of the product are significant. But, still a trade may happen just because the customer is treated well.So it is one good way to attract more customers. Since profit is the ultimate objective in any trade, giving a bit high importance and care to the customer is always welcome..!!

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#7 Postby Shikha Gupta » Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:51 am

I think the picture is little changed now because this is right that customers are king of any business...But whatever customer says is correct is not necessary, there are lots of case when the customer thinks everything from his part.
For example : Lots of time on pricing part they think that the said price is very high and product doesn't deserve that much and they keep on negotiating on the other hand we know that we can't go below that prices as we have already offered our best so in such case one needs to be smart enough to handle the situation in such a way that customer's wont feel that he is not correct plus you will also prove that you are right by showing him the ROI and value of your product.

Hence am not agree that whatever customers say is always correct...

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#8 Postby vikasverma30 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:43 am

It is said that customer is always right. In sales this statement holds a great importance because its a fact that everybody wants him to be the superior and at the top. On this note whenever a salesman and his potential client are in the process of a sales/buying process, the client wants to dominate and the salesman also up keeps his client's thoughts but another aspect is that one should agree to disagree with his clients opinion, but the art is to do it in such a manner where the client does not feel offended. Customer should not get a feeling that his opinion or thoughts are been disregarded, a good salesman only routes the views of his customer to the right direction in such a manner that customer all the time feels that he is in the commanding position of the entire communication.

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#9 Postby apoorvkulsh29 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:50 am

Customer/Client they are are one.. who is main reason of organisation.. healthy running... Not literally follow the phrase..'whatever customer says is correct' but one should follow the tactic to make the custtomer feel the same.. being polite and initiating the conversation by only listening the customer need and requirement is one of the way.. this has to be in the mind of a sales person while speaking to a customer but having said that the game is all about the ROI spender get on the amount he spends.. if a customer gets value for money, the phrase will get reciprocate automatically.. not the customer but the product/services (if it's has an ROI)of one orgainsation is the king..

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Re: Whatever the customer says is correct..Agree or not!!

#10 Postby ajit123 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:05 pm

Yes... I Agree.. Customer's perception/feedback about the product/service is the most essential part because they use the same and provide means to generate revenue...

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