Sales Crisis :- Mis-communication & Confusion

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Sales Crisis :- Mis-communication & Confusion

#1 Postby saketroy2 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:14 am

Almost every sales person would have faced the situation where Confusion occurs either due to mis-communication or due to confusion but whatever is the ricochet to us at the end.
Recently I faced the similar situation where one more person get involved in the same deal and the whole confusion arose. And lastly I got blamed by the client that I mis-informed or tried to fool him with half-information. And bam--- loss of deal.. Then how to avoid it.

1. Keep every conversation documented...even you talk on phone few points...write a mail to the client as we discussed these things over call..hope you are clear with it. It will help you later on as your client wont say this you said on phone even though you haven't mentioned.

2. If another person gets involved.....repeat him all your conversation with him....mark him all your documents and then ask politely if he is clear with the offering.

3. Whenever you write a mail..mark both person as both should be aware of what other person has discussed about.

If you have some more mention...

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