Is social media marketing better for B2B and B2C Businesses

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Is social media marketing better for B2B and B2C Businesses

#1 Postby nitis » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:35 pm

Yes,I strongly believe that social media marketing is the best tool to use for any business,be it B2B or B2C business.It improves and promotes the brand image of any business. B2B business is the interaction between two business entities like producer and retailer or retailer and wholesaler.B2C is the interaction between a business entity ad a consumer of the product.In B2C business the consumer is a part of the whole process.With the advent of technology and globalisation,social media websites have started making a grip on several businesses.These websites are showcasing the products of other manufacturers on their website and the customer is bound to buy the product from them due to the creative appearances of these websites.Lets take for example social media sites like Facebook,Snapdeal,Quickr and LinkedIn.All these websites are promoting a lot of businesses on a daily basis.

Quickr holds the famous timeline "Bech de" which means that sell your product to another party and that party will pay you the money.So this is what is known as brand building.Quickr invites businesses mainly the B2C businesses to showcase their products which they want to sell on their website.This also leads to promotion of the products which the seller is selling.So these social media websites have lately started working right for businesses.This leads to high revenue generation and ultimately profit for the businesses.Now days various start ups have stepped into the social media business.Small social media start ups have started working for businesses.Many businesses are using Facebook to promote their products.Lets take the example of a product which is new in the market like a Google Glass which is recently launched in the market.So the marketeers of Google will try to promote this product on the social media through Facebook.They will create a page for Google Glass on Facebook and can also make a community or a group.It is a smart strategy which is adopted by companies now days,which are market leaders like Google,Microsoft,Mac Donalds and Apple.This also gives a direct indication to the companies who are market followers and who wants to be like market leaders.

So,from the last ten years social media marketing has been a powerful tool for big companies.Now days every company or a small business start up is using it so as to be known in the market.Businesses now days are showcasing their core competencies through social media marketing.A day would come when you would hear a side advertisement on Facebook that a new company has evolved which produces effective smart glasses like Google and Apple.The promotion and the brand positioning of any business is done through social media now days.The smart marketeers of any business don't want to miss any opportunity of promoting their business on social media.So the future for B2B and B2C businesses is completely bright with the effectiveness of social media marketing.

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