How will you successfully market a tourist destination

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Re: How will you successfully market a tourist destination

#1 Postby sibascmhrd » Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:19 pm

Successfully marketing a tourist destination would entail pulling multiple levers as a tourist destination inherently is a proxy for a mix of product and service and no unique strategy would work for it. The first step would be to create a sense of aura or myth around the location to make it aspirational. Just like how Kerala is showcased as ‘God’s own country’. Creating this brand is very essential and it would involve going back into its history, demography and culture to create that image that makes it unique. As a second step I would hire a globally recognized celebrity preferably popular in my target demography to act as brand ambassador that fits the brand (for example if it’s a historical destination it would be someone old and matured like Amitabh Bachchan, if its an adventure destination it would be someone young and brash like Kohli). Next I would make it go viral on the social medium because nothing matches online PR. It is personal and reaches out to an untapped market. And finally and most importantly I would strive to gain a sense of credibility by getting it either attested by the government or the union or getting popular directors to use it as a movie location.

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How will you successfully market a tourist destination

#2 Postby nitis » Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:47 am

Well I am myself from a region which has a lot of tourist destinations like Mussoorie,Nainital,Auli and Manali.As I am from the Himalayan region,I love to travel and explore places.These tourist destination are beautiful,scenic and adds joy to your life when you visit them.That is the reason why most of the people from India loves to spend their summer vacations in these places for the cold climate that is experienced here at any time of the season.Well a tourist spot is visited by thousands of people during the peak season,but that same spot can experience less crowd in the off season when no tourist visits the place.That is one major issue that need to be addressed,but well a very little can be done about it.

A tourist place is marketed well by any means.I will firstly like to make all the hotel owners educate about the use of internet.They should be guided on how to brand their hotel in terms of pleasure,food and comfort.I being a tourist advisor will set up a website for each and every hotel so that the tourist can come to know about which hotels are present in any city of India.I will setup a travel portal for my state in which all the major hotels website would be there as per the different cities.What actually would happen is that the hotels would come in the limelight and the tourists who are coming from abroad and far off places will book the rooms in the hotels online through the online portal.Second thing which I would do is to promote the tourist spot on social media.I would set up pages of tourist destinations on Facebook,so that people get to know about the places.Recently I created a page on Facebook called "The Himalayan Adventures",through which I am promoting the places which I have visited in the Himalayan region like Chopta,Tungnath,Landour.The ultimate aim is to educate the traveler about the places which are unexplored and are yet to discovered by a person who loves nature and traveling.So I am promoting all those places which are not in the limelight,but are one of the scenic places in the whole of India.Thirdly,I will conduct seminars in different places to promote the tourist spots of my state which will educate the customer about which places to visit and which not to visit.So it will develop a perfect base for the destinations to grow and attract a lot of crowd.

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