How will you brand your College

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How will you brand your College

#1 Postby nitis » Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:50 pm

Well I am a part of that committee which is actually involved in branding and marketing.I am a member of the Student Admission Committee of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management.So being in that committee has taught me a lot about how to brand.What we do in branding is totally different from sales,marketing or production.The objective is completely different in branding.It is a mix of marketing and inter-personnel skills.So a person who is a part of this activity should be good in both of these skills.

First of all for branding your college you have to market your college in such a way that all the important prospects of the college come out to the students.What are the core competencies of your college,what special course it offers and how is the standard of living are some of the questions which should be asked.Secondly,you have to keep on updating your college website so that it keep on showing to the people that what is going in the college.The social media team of the college is active in this domain which keep on working the college website and social media pages of the college like Facebook and LinkedIn.Their job is just to keep on putting the pictures,blogs and stuff that is happening in the college and attract maximum number of the students towards the college,so that they can take admission in the college.So it involves a lot of interaction,monitoring and social media presence for a committee member.Thirdly develop a strong Alumni base who can be a part in branding your college.They are the people who are the brand ambassadors of your college and can attract people to your college through word of mouth and interactions in the co-operate world.So keeping them in the loop is a big task for the committee.So all these are the major points to be kept in mind to brand your college.

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