MARKETING OBJECTIVE-Things that should be kept in mind..

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Re: MARKETING OBJECTIVE-Things that should be kept in mind..

#1 Postby Sindhuja » Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:43 pm

Every Organization should keep in mind about the marketing objective in order to get the success in the society. They should be realistic, measurable and time specific as they are very important for the organization. And also while manufacturing the product the packing should be very attractive in order to gain the attention of the customers and also to improve the sales. And also the product should be available even in small quantities to meet the customers.

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Re: MARKETING OBJECTIVE-Things that should be kept in mind..

#2 Postby ISTTMVINAY457 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:41 am

Marketing objectives are very important for any organization to achieve their long term goal.Really every employee should keep marketing objectives in mind to achieve personal goal and organizational goal. more over marketing objectives should be realistic, measurable , achievable and those should have time bound also. Then employee can easily achieve those targets. Marketing objectives should be the means to achieve our sales goals. By working our target market data and our market segment data, that will address each group. For this we need to have good data about the sizes of your market, potential market, and our current customer base. This data will helps to find new opportunities also.

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Re: MARKETING OBJECTIVE-Things that should be kept in mind..

#3 Postby Priya16 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:24 am

Marketing objectives are those aspects that are to be achieved for the organisation to grow. It is very important that the objectives should be clear, there should be no ambiguity in the objectives set. Objectives should be frames such that it helps in the growth of the organisation. Objectives should not be vague. Moreover, all people in the organisation should work together to achieve it. Objective should be such that it should be met. You are in a position to measure the objectives. Otherwise, you would not be able to know the before and after results of the objectives set. Objectives set should be positive enough. They should be negative. Nor the objectives indulge into malpractices. It should always follow ethics and should achieve the organisational goals and aims.

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MARKETING OBJECTIVE-Things that should be kept in mind..

#4 Postby shalini1792 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:35 am

The marketing objective can be defined as the goals or targets which an organisation has kept to achieved throught the help of the marketing activites. But before setting the objectives its very important for the manager to look upon several things such as :

1. REALISTIC: The marketing objective set by the manager should be such that can be met i.e it should be realistic.

2. MEASURABLE: The manager should be able to measure the progress of the marketing objective which helps in knowing whether or not the objectives are attained.

3. TIME SPECIFIC: Its very important to specify the time till which you want the objectives to be met by the group.

4. COMAPRED TO A BENCHMARK: For any objective to be achieved its important to decide some base line or the benchmark where the company sees itself after a certain period. This helps in determining the progress of the organisations objective.

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