Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#1 Postby Nidhiimtn » Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:04 am

What I believe is that marketing majorly only satisfies needs. But what truly differs is the type of need.
There can be two types of need. One is what is known to us, another is what is there somewhere in our unconscious mind but we are still unaware about it. This is exactly where a marketer’s job start. The most important part of job in the field of marketing is to understand a customer’s thinking and figure out all of his needs, conscious or unconscious and design the plans to satisfy those.
But one thing that can be specially mentioned here is the point of difference. Since conscious needs are easiest to guess, everyone can compete on that part. So most difficult part of marketer’s job is to figure out those unconscious needs and satisfy them.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#2 Postby sampritiimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:44 pm

As the most evolved animals on the evolutionary ladder, we have always aimed at making our lives more convenient. Fire was discovered and utilised in innumerable ways, because we had the will to survive. Thus there will always be needs, and as marketers of a growing and developing economy, our target should be to meet those needs profitably. It is ingrained in our system to be able to desire more, once we have something and it's not necessarily an evil thing; newly created needs (to be honest, these are wants really) will almost always gravitate our efforts towards more inventions and growth of technology. As products that cater to more and more needs are created, consumption increases as does research and technology, and thus the economy of the nation grows as well. Marketing has a very important task, thus. If it is a product that addresses an entirely new objective, then it can be said that is meeting a need. As soon as we begin to direct our attention towards the word "profitably" in the definition, we aim at playing on our intrinsic character to desire more and thus end up creating needs. Essentially, and mostly, marketing creates needs, in a healthy economy of a country with a high GDP.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#3 Postby ritishimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:33 pm

Marketing creates demand as well as satisfies needs. First it creates a need in the customer and compels the customer to buy and product or service and thus satisfy the need.Once a product is been sold to the customer , it tends to create a new demand among other customers if its a good product. A good product is one which satisfies the customer's needs and gives them benefits. But at the same time, when one customer buys a good product, it creates demand for other customers and they inculcate a wish to buy the product. Thus we can say marketing creates and satisfies demand at the same time.
Ads creates a wish to buy a product and the product itself satisfies the customer. marketing is a two way process-creating need and satisfying it. Because when the customer purchase a product they should feel that they have a worth for it.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#4 Postby poojaimt18 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:29 pm

Marketing creates a relationship between the customers and companys who sell their products or services. marketers develop need using marketing .marketing helps to bring out change in knowledge, behavior, attitudes of the customer towards the product. it helps to create information and motivate customer to make decision, helps the customers to handle the information and experience, and it helps the customers to understand about the product applications and influences the buying behavior.
For the new product ,which does not have existence in the market marketing helps the customers generate the need for the product.Marketing make the customer aware of a problem that they never knew they had or even better make them to worry about a problem that they do not have.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#5 Postby Shashankimtn » Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:35 pm

Marketing does create needs. Like for example a dish washer is a dish washer is a dish washer, all it does is it washes dishes you are not concerned about the ingredients which were used to manufacture it, but since many companies started advertising "Our dish water has Lemon and other ingredients", all of a sudden our preference changed. Now we want a dish washer to contain Lemon.
About satisfying needs, it does satisfy needs for a time period until companies have created new needs

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#6 Postby ANKITSHAH » Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:23 am

Marketing involves several methodologies makes people aware of the launch of any new product and/or features of existing products. This conspicuously creates a need for the product in the minds of people. When they use the product and like it then they develop a sense of loyalty towards the product. When they again see the product's marketing campaign than they get satisfied and their loyalty towards the brand increases, but at the same time, if they don't like the product then the marketing campaign creates a dissonance.

Thus we can unequivocally say that marketing creates needs for the products. However the satisfaction do not primarily depends on marketing.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#7 Postby gBhoir » Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:22 pm

From my point of view, marketing does both. It creates and satisfy needs of customer. Marketing people uses their knowledge, attitude and creativity to create the needs. So the customer gets motivated and understand the product application which influences the buying behavior. Marketing also satisfy needs of the customer. They identify the customer needs or value to the customer. Then accordingly creates valuable products to the customer.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#8 Postby ashish14siom » Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:33 am

I feel that there is some discrepancy in the question itself, since marketing cannot be either to create or to satisfy needs. Marketing can mean both creating and even satisfying needs. Actually marketing is of two types. one is marketing of products to create needs, such as highly innovative products where companies come with the products that common people don’t even think of its possibility and then they try to create interest in that product, thereby creating the need. And the other kind is marketing to satisfy the needs. In this case companies come up with a product that people may have a slight idea of what they want or they may have a feeling at the back of their mind that ‘there should be a product like this that does so’, which means there exists a need in the mind of the consumer and companies make that kind of product and try to convince the people that it is the product that can satisfy their need.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#9 Postby nitis » Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:49 pm

Marketing is the buzz word nowdays and creating a big impact in the minds of the consumers.Yes,in my opinion marketing satisfy the needs of the consumers.Right from the launch of the product,to the marketing of the product and finally to the purchase of that product by the consumer.This is called the marketing cycle as per my expertise. Nowdays if a company is manufacturing a product and not performing the right marketing,it leads to the product going in vain.So marketing a product is critical to a company's success.

Now when you are marketing your product effectively,you are opening a pathway for your customers to buy your product.So when your customers get the basic knowledge about your product by the right marketing skills,they satisfy the customers.The customers are satisfied in various aspects of the product ranging from its color to its price.Other factors include comfort,reliability,durability etc.So all these things are giving a lot of satisfaction to the customers and in turn are raising up their expectations from the company.A pen bought by a boy at the stationary shop for a cheaper price gives him a whole lot of satisfaction.A family going for a movie which is heavily marketed by Bollywood superstars like Sharukh Khan or Salman Khan,will surely be a hit and will be a value for money for the family.So marketing is an important tool for satisfying your customers.

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Re: Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

#10 Postby navikiranrk » Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:02 pm

In some scenario market satisfies need and in some it creates.

Here are the example, Google satisfying a need buy producing and selling quality cell phone, for which there is a need in market. But, it also innovating some products which are not needed in current situation like Google glasses which in turn creating a need in market. This will be a created need in future.

Like this market can create a need and satisfy a need. All that matters is how we analyse the market and create a demand for a product. That gives bigger return for a firm. Some may be innovative, some just a legacy of others in different name.

Analyse the unmet demand in market. Creating a need or satisfying a need is left to your Prudent.

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