Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#1 Postby shreya » Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:55 am

..~~ There is meritocracy in sales. :idea: Work hard, develop yourself, be persistent and consistent and you'll not only make a lot of money, you'll also earn status and respect within your company. Race, religion and background all mean nothing - your value as a salesperson is determined by how much you sell. If a person is determined towards his/her career then here he/she can earn and grow like anything. There any many lucrative incentives and perks available to successful salespeople. These vary widely and are dependent on the type of sales role, industry and size of company.
At the same time, most sales jobs are inherently flexible and it is always a recession proof area... ~~
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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#2 Postby harpreet » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:28 am

Sales jobs are toughest job but still the best jobs to opt for.

Sales jobs bring autonomy to the job, You can set your own path to reach your goals, provides freedom because the only thing that matters in revenue not how you brought that. Sales jobs provide better earning potential, more you produce results more you get paid. Sales professional are the back bone of an organisation, the revenue generators.

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#3 Postby Rajesh » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:26 am

Not sure about sales being the toughest job but yes its the most thankless yet a rewarding job..Also I won't say that its the best job one should opt for..It entirely depends upon the skills of a person..If anyone knows that they have the required sales skills and can take the constant target pressure can surely do well here.. People don't realise that sales is more than just about good comm...Its about the selling skills which invariably is there or not there at all in an individual..A Person who has it can join sales and be successful by further working on it to continuously improve and grow.

Today specially in india market what I have seen - the biggest problem is - people join sales just because there are maximum openings but fail miserably as they don't have the required skill and the attitude to survive and be a success and hence the maximum attrition ratio in sales today than any other field of work..It just shows that like any other jobs sales is also a specialised job..If fit people are taking up this job then it won't be as tough a job as it might look to all of us.

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#4 Postby harpreet » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:17 am

Sales jobs are though the toughest but still best job once should opt for.

Sales jobs bring autonomy, one can set their own paths to achieve goals, provides freedom because generating revenue is important not how you did. Sales jobs bring great earning potential as it rewards your efforts, more you produce result more you get paid. Sales professionals are the backbone of an organisation, the revenue generators. Sales jobs provide a platform for networking in awesome circles.

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#5 Postby rachit » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:10 am

In an organisation there are various departments having several jobs such as HR Jobs, Operational Jobs, Financial Jobs and the most important one is the sales Jobs...Sales jobs in comparison to other jobs is one of the most toughest job...In every job there is a pressure but in sales the pressure is of different kind as it is calculated in terms of revenue generated...

In sales job it is a true the fact that you have to be on target every time(Yearly , Quarterly or Monthly)...Suppose if you have achieved the target you will be praised by everyone but if in the very next month you are unable to achieve your target then the scenario will be totally wise versa but in other jobs it is not like so...

It is also not like sales jobs have all the drawbacks but also have various advantages in comparison to other jobs like-
- Growth in sales is never ending...
- Person who is in sales at junior level also can earn so much money that person from other department cannot even think...

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#6 Postby ashish » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:08 am

To some extent yes its correct that it is one of the toughest job & continuous pressure of target is a part of it. However every job profile has its own pros & cons. Similarly, in sales there are certain advantages like one is able to use his people skills, negotiation skills, not a routine job & also its among the highest paid jobs.

Whether its best, would entirely depends on the skill sets one has & the kind of job environment one enjoys. It could be best job for the persons who dislike routine jobs, like meeting new people, enjoy decision making power involved in negotiations. The pressure of target can be reduced to some extent by better planning & using better time management skills. Lastly the best part is that it provides the highest growth opportunities comparatively too other profiles.

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#7 Postby prashant » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:58 am

Yes, sales is the toughest job but not because of the pressure, not because of the targets not because of anything else...sales appear to be the to be the toughest job for people who are not fit for it...

For me sales is the best job, because I enjoy my job...and i think you can enjoy your job only when you love what you do...A cobbler loves mending shoes, so he enjoys his job, A painter loves making paintings so he enjoys his if a cobbler is asked to paint and a painter is asked to mend shoes their job for them becomes the toughest job..

In sales job you'll have targets and people say there is lot of pressure...I object, pressure comes when you fail to achieve your targets.. the more you lag behind your targets the more you're in pressure condition and it gets heavier and heavier and you finally give up..

Targets are necessary and being afraid of targets is like you are going to the battle field and you're afraid of fights..I'll ask you what are you here for ?

Today sales jobs are the best job because it pays you the best, and it helps in overall personality development...people say a good sales man is the smartest brain on earth..I love being a part of that league..

Sales is indeed the best job one should definitely opt this, but before going for it one should introspect..Am I ready for it..?

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#8 Postby avinash » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:57 am

Yes, I agree that sales jobs is the toughest one, since Sales guys are the revenue generators for the company, they need to perform and achieve their targets every month, they need to prove themselves every single day.. It is the pressure of completing the task and stress when things don't work sometimes that make this job the toughest.
It's true that the Mood of sales guys is directly proportional to the sales figures before their names.
Not all people are built for sales, some are financial experts, some are winners as an HR, but YES, for go getters it is the best job to opt for...

We love it.. and enjoy it at most.. Cheers

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#9 Postby archit » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:52 am

Sales job is very Dynamic Job,there is a difference between reality and Perceived reality... :mrgreen:. Sales jobs is toughest job is Perceived reality....The reason for this perception is Sales targets get lot of visibility inside and outside organisation...Every Function in business be it Product has to work with target pressure..

Being a sales guy I strongly feel one should opt for Sales field because of following reasons:
>It Enhances your Communication skill
>it makes you people oriented person
>It makes you good negotiator and analyzer
>when you have to achieve stiff targets it enhances your planing and most important execution skills
>When you interact with so many people with different mindset and perception it improves your people reading skills

And the best quality you develop is you become a "LISTENER and LEARNER" because no one is born with above qualities.

Now with all these qualities you are preparing yourself for big challenge...Challenge to lead any organisation. This is the reason why most of the organisation Heads are the people who have worked and grown in SALES...

SALES Rock... :D 8-)

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Re: Sales Jobs - Comparison with other function Jobs

#10 Postby deepak » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:50 am

First of all I am not agree that sales jobs is the toughest job, according to me it is the easiest job & the best job one should opt for, It is easy because
- no technical education needed
- no document work
- no involvement in product development or innovation
- sales people only responsible for selling the product by convincing customers

It is the best job one should opt for because-
- Sales is the only function in the company which generates revenue, therefore any performer in sales gets easy hike/growth comparison to other functions
- Incentives/rewards only applicable in sales
- sales jobs is the only job which is full of excitement because of never ended sales target.
- Most Important- Every month you get something to achieve.

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