Yahoo acquires video-share app Qwiki & email app Xobni

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Yahoo acquires video-share app Qwiki & email app Xobni

#1 Postby Shivani » Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:37 pm

Yahoo has added Qwiki, a video-sharing app to its list of recent acquisitions of technology companies..and the other acquisition bu Yahoo Inc. is email and address book management app Xobni.

Qwiki is an iPhone app that allows users to gather photos, short video clips and other multimedia and create a short, easily-shareable video clips and Xobini is an email and address book management app..the employees of both the companies join Yahoo’s New York city office shortly to reimagine Yahoo’s story telling experience.Now-a-days Yahoo is in trend of acquiring small companies but Tumblr being the only exception of large-scale company priced at a whopping 1.1 billion dollars.

Yahoo is planning something really big after acquiring all these enterprises..till now it hasn't disclosed what's new it is going to do, to provide the users an exceptional experience..Most of the social media companies are trying to give their users an experience which is unforgettable and which no other competitor can provide.

Waiting too see what Yahoo has in hand for its users..

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