Tata to unveil GenX Nano

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Re: Tata to unveil GenX Nano

#1 Postby rustedcore » Wed May 13, 2015 7:12 pm

TATA NANO, is a good car, it did not do very well in the market but it has some amazing features, and is often considered as a technology marvel. It also surprised people around the world, as the general idea was that its not possible to make a car as cheap as 1lakh rupees. It has a ground clearance, the same as a Mahindra Scorpio and other amazing features. It goes uphill very well too.

I believe its good as a concept car, and has a lot of potential if it is marketed well.

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Tata to unveil GenX Nano

#2 Postby jayprakashimtn » Mon May 04, 2015 4:38 pm

Tata Motors is set to unveil GenX Nano to shed the tag of the cheapest car associated with Nano since its launch. This new variant of Nano will have an automatic manual transmission, openable boot and bluetooth phone sync audio system, in addition to other features.

While Tata Nano was launched with noble intention of Ratan Tata, the dream of Mr.Ratan Tata to provide safety, comfort and convenience of a four wheeler to consumers who cannot afford a car and use two wheelers, however noble led to an STP disaster. Mr. Ratan Tata wanted to provide a car that would appeal to the consumers of two-wheelers, he observed families travelling on scooters and decided to make a car that would provide them greater comfort and safety. The Nano was made to appeal to the scooter using consumers who would switch to Nano because its price of 1 lakh rupees, but the very first booking proved that the scooter users were not its primary buyers. The bookings showed that 50% of the bookings were for the LX variant and 30% for CX, while the standard variant bearing the iconic price of Rs 1 lakh only comprised 20% of the bookings.

Only 30% of the demand was from existing two wheeled consumers. Even the consumers who were interested in purchasing a Nano were hesitant to purchase it because in India a car has aspirational value attached to it, a car signifies the purchaser’s ascent in society, this however was not the case with Nano, potential consumers didn’t want to be seen purchasing a vehicle that wasn’t considered a proper car. Potential buyers didn’t want to purchase product that was the cheapest in the market, a product whose driving point was affordability.

Will this new variant be the change that the nano brand needs, or is it too late for Nano?

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