Security loaded Credit Card from ICICI

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Security loaded Credit Card from ICICI

#1 Postby Biyatris » Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:14 am

ICICI Bank on Thursday launched a credit card with multiple security features to check fraudulent transactions called the ICICI Bank Carbon Card, it comes with EMV chip technology, apart from an alpha-numeric LCD screen, a 12- button touch keypad and an in-built battery. The bank wants to sell the card primarily to its existing customers.The card provides enhanced level of security against possible misuse such as counterfeiting and skimming on account of the embedded microchip that contains card member information in an encrypted format.These features make the card one of the most secured ones for online transactions

The card is targeted at the value-conscious segment and offers cash rewards on all retail purchases. The rewards double on spends on dining and groceries and at supermarkets.The country's top private lender was one of the few card issuers which recorded growth in card base last fiscal.According to ICICI Bank Executive Director Rajiv Sabharwal, the bank has set a target of acquiring half a million customers this fiscal, but did not share how much of it has already been achieved. :mrgreen:

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