MS-Office in Smartphones now!!

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MS-Office in Smartphones now!!

#1 Postby Biyatris » Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:43 pm

Microsoft is bringing a pared-down version of its Office software to Android phones, but it won't work on Android tablets just as it doesn't on iPads. The software will be available starting Wednesday. It requires a $100-a-year subscription to Office and won't be sold separately.Microsoft Corp. is trying to make its Office 365 subscription more compelling, without removing an advantage that tablet computers running Microsoft's Windows system have - the ability to run popular Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Office 365 subscription that you need in order to use the app starts at $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year for the Home version which allows the usage on up to five devices including PCs, Macs or phones. It designed Office Mobile for Android phones specifically for small-screen devices, even though many people will prefer editing documents on a tablet's larger screen. The company has a version for iPads and Android tablets, called Office Web Apps, but that runs on a Web browser and requires a constant online connection. The new Android software is an app that gets installed on the phone and can work offline.

The service, available in the United States, allow users with Android phones and Office 365 subscriptions to access and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from their devices.Office Mobile for Android phones is available from the Google Play store.Microsoft is pushing subscriptions as a way to get customers to keep paying for a product that was historically sold in a single purchase. The company touts such benefits as the ability to run the package on multiple computers and get updates for free on a regular basis. However, a subscription can be more expensive than buying the package outright for just one or two computers. :ugeek:

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