Make in India, Made in India

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Make in India, Made in India

#1 Postby Anamika » Sun Dec 14, 2014 3:32 pm

The walking tiger patterned with mechanical accessories certainly describes the entire intention of ‘Make in India’ Campaign. A thought for the world to manufacture in India and What do we get in a return? Before you answer it in monetary terms, my answer would be the sense of pride we will get when you pick up the product in any foreign country and you will read ‘Made in India’. That is how these both phrases complement each other ‘Make in India, Made in India’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi first mentioned the words ’Make in India’ during his maiden speech as PM on August 15, 2014. The project invites foreign companies to become part of 25 major sectors I;e automobiles, chemicals, IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles, ports, aviation, leather, tourism and hospitality, wellness, railways among others, will provide details of growth drivers, investment opportunities, sector specific FDI and other policies and related agencies. Till now we have received a positive response and investment interest from Swiss Company Meyer Burger interested in the Solar Power sector, Russia interested in Diamond, defense equipments & nuclear Energy Unit, Saudi Arabia shows interest in Infrastructure Sectors and Australia plans on mining in India and wishing to count more in the ‘Make in India’ account.
Among all these positive aspects of growth, which is included growth in GDP (forecast 5.4%-5.9% growth for 2014-15), higher employment opportunity, higher economic growth and low inflation rate. But above all that, it also adds responsibility on us to deliver quality & cost effective service and products. Also flexible and friendly policies for business Owners. Avoiding long paper work and government process to initiate business in India. It is good to compete with China, but we need to realize where our real strength resides so that we can meet the expectation at Global level. Recent caution note on Make in India by Raghuram Rajan, Raghuram Rajan sounds note of caution on Modi's 'Make in India' campaign is worth to consider. Our economy, development and strength is far different from China. Even we are a democratic country while china follows communism. We have to take into consideration whether we are able to handle demand-supply pressure at global level since we have a large population (1.21 billion) and from time to time we face supply and demand issue in our own country. Thus, we need to identify our real strength and should start with that particular sector and gradually step by step we should proceed. It is like trading off among best available things and then only we can sustain, set and sell.

Certainly I am not against this campaign, but in fact we should not ignore the other side of the coin which can cost us heavenly. ‘Make in India’ is a responsibility which requires huge resources, labors, capitals and investment while Made in India is the end result where we are judged by entire world which shall be responsible for creating first and last impression on the world. India always proved itself worthy from Super computers to Mar Mission, we succeed among all hurdles. Therefore, I believe in 'made in India'. Do you?

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