Internet ads: irritating and ineffective

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Re: Internet ads: irritating and ineffective

#1 Postby avinash » Thu May 16, 2013 9:21 am

Yes, I think it is right ,

As a user, I hardly click or pay attention to those pop up ads, and try to kill them before they arrive on my screen..:D.. but talking about some trusted sites like times of India, and others it might work there.

But yes it is really annoying that you are opening a link and before that you have to close three additional windows with unwanted ads..

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Internet ads: irritating and ineffective

#2 Postby Aish123 » Tue May 14, 2013 11:44 am

The advertisements that appear on Web sites are a nuisance for readers and a false economy poised to fall to Earth.
In the modern Internet World, the increasing number of advertisements and the never ending list of ad-networks are making the Internet users’ experience worse than ever. Most online ads are scams. If some of them aren't, they are ruined by the fact that most of them contain viruses that people fear to click on. They are also incredibly obnoxious, especially on sites like YouTube. All people want to do is watch videos and not have annoying banners popping up all over the place begging you to buy their product. Most people do not even pay attention and just click out of it so they can get back to what they are doing, making ads completely ineffective.

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