Hike in Petrol Prices for 3rd time in June by 1.82

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Hike in Petrol Prices for 3rd time in June by 1.82

#1 Postby Shivani » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:07 am

The petrol prices again increased by Rs.1.82..its a consecutive hike in the month of June only,It is a combined impact of the increase in and a steep fall in the Indian rupee The oil pricing in international market has increased and the Indian government do not have any control on this pricing.

There is a possibility that we can see a rise in diesel prices soon..last time diesel price was hiked by 50 paisa, excluding VAT, on June 1, the next increase will happen at the month end. Now, In Mumbai, petrol price has been increased by Rs 2.30 to Rs 76.90 while in Kolkata rates went up from Rs 73.79 to Rs 76.10 per litre. In Chennai, prices were hiked by Rs 2.32 to Rs 71.72.So, as we all know the hike in oil prices not only effect just a specific region, but the whole country.

The government has also given a green signal to increase the price of natural gas to almost double..the same will happen in the next fiscal year.This increase is expected to boost the sowing of paddy, cotton, oil-seeds & pulses..and all these commodities are the ones which a middle class person uses in day-to-day life..

So the government is again ready to make a hole in the common man''s pocket..What's your opinion about this..

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