Google knows the WiFi password of all Android Users

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Google knows the WiFi password of all Android Users

#1 Postby Biyatris » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:18 am

New privacy issues have come to light surrounding Google's Android mobile OS. Experts on the matter are claiming that back up tools in the operating system make it so that a copy of every person's WiFi password (or the password of other networks you log onto) is being stored on Google's servers. Unfortunately, this might mean that Google could be legally forced to hand over the data at the government's request for one reason or another.The key issue is that Google’s not only storing passwords, but it’s doing so in a manner that means it can read them if it wants to, as illustrated by the way new Android devices can pull in all your old passwords and settings from its servers once you provide your phone with a Gmail address and password. :shock:

The main problem here is beyond the fact that Google is storing the passwords. The company is storing them in such a way that means it can read the passwords if it wants to.It means that the American government can gain access to millions of Wi-Fi networks across the world. All they need to do is send an agent to go stand near the access point and they are in, free and easy. Homes, schools, universities, shops and businesses are all at risk.This is clear to see by the way new Android devices can suck in old passwords, login data and device settings from Google servers, once you have setup your Gmail address and new password.Android devices have defaulted to coughing up Wi-Fi passwords since version 2.2. And, since the feature is presented as a good thing, most people wouldn't change it. :!:

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