Economic Vision of the NDA Government

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Economic Vision of the NDA Government

#1 Postby Lal » Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:28 am

Where there is a will, there is way. This line shows the intent of NDA government, as the alliance does not have strong position in the Rajya Sabha but still opposition can not stop the NDA govt from taking important steps in economic front. They have taken the ordinance route to allow FDI in insurance sector and implement the coal allocation policy.
Among the opposition parties, it is being said that insurance sector has been opened up to please the US President Mr. Barack Obama who will be in India on the occasion of the Republic Day. The government can not shut the mouths of their critics but they can do it by taking bold steps to strengthen the Indian economy. India is a power hungry country and it becomes miserable when we have resources but not the policy to excavate these resources. So it was imperative to bring the ordinance so that we can make our country self dependent in terms of power requirement. We have so many power plants some of which are importing coal from other countries and some of them are not running at their full capacity due to coal shortage. If we talk about opening up of the insurance sector it is a very good move as every country wants foreign investment to lift their economy up. It is never advisable to close up the economy for foreign investment when western countries are facing the ire of slowdown, some are the victims of sanctions imposed by US led group and middle east is under pressure due to plunging oil prices.
So taking the ordinance route was very good and imperative step in the economic front.

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