Dignity of labour

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Re: Dignity of labour

#1 Postby Kalpit » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:38 am

Totally agreed .. there has to be a respect for any one and every one is doing any sort of service

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Dignity of labour

#2 Postby pushkarp89 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:19 pm

Labour, as we all know, means work i.e from rag picker,an auto driver to the white-collar job as an executive in an esteemed organisation.Everyone is loyal towards his work and wants self respect and dignity for the same.If he has traveled for years in a car, he thinks it is below his dignity to travel in a bus.They don't even want to carry their own luggage,then what is expected from him for helping others.Though it may not affect any other individual, yet there is something in human about his sense of dignity and self respect.
Mahatma Gandhi, for instance, cut his own hair, washed his own clothes, cooked his own food and went on foot from place to place. He traveled with the mass in a third class railway coach.Today he is considered as the father of the nation and every other individual wants him in his purse,still he lived his whole life being a common citizen of India.He was very down to earth and that quality made him to stand beside thousands of people in various strikes and movements.
In many homes too we can find elderly men washing their clothes and cleaning their dishes themselves. These examples, give us ample evidence that doing manual labour is not below the dignity of an educated person. Today, the Indian society is tempted towards western culture and modernization.
Even a cobbler thinks that his profession is his god. This feeling dignity in one’s profession is carried to such heights that one feels insulted if respect is not given to the person doing that profession.
Thus doing your own job will not affect your standard of living rather will make you more self indipendant which is the best thing.He should not depends on others for his own work.

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