Breeding Greed in Indian Youth

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Breeding Greed in Indian Youth

#1 Postby Biyatris » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:52 am

Greedy youth in India have been growing day by day with their un-restricted freedom and a change in the culture has made them to carve for money.Neither of the gender is exceptional to the attractions of westernised culture. Ideas of settling down in abroad also raising curiosity to run behind making money as quickly as possible.The luxurious life style and modern style of fashion, nuclear families and cross cultural influence upon the youth has made them greedy for money.

The way youth behaved in last decade in India, the way they have worked and shown there qualities made the India one of the biggest contender for next super power.The main difference between this decade and 70/80 is the resources. Most of Indians used to live in remote villages. To get a good education was not that easy. We cant even imagine the kind of effort & sacrifice they used to put to get success.

The youth in present generation are not only harder workers; but also smart workers who strive at any pace to achieve their aspirations.The efficiency and the competitive spirit they posses make them run in the front line when compared with other countries.They are somehow running behind money,but they deserves it as they are more enthusiastic and innovative.

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