Beti bachao Beti padhao takes off from Panipat

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Re: Beti bachao Beti padhao takes off from Panipat

#1 Postby PrabhatP » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:27 am

Its a great great initiative by the Modi's government to empower female gender in this men dominated society. We talk about modern India but in reality the mindset in the rural India is still that they don't want girl child to be born in their families and its a kind of sin and future they have to give dowry for their marriage.. But Beti bachao Beti padhao campaign will surely make difference in the thinking of the fundamentalist societies. It cannot be changed overnight but slowly and gradually it will make a difference.

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Beti bachao Beti padhao takes off from Panipat

#2 Postby Lal » Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:45 am

NDA government has started one more campaign keeping in mind the problems like female foeticide, extremely low sex ratio in states like Haryana. It was the need of the hour to look into this serious problem. In our country we believe in patriarchal society where man is the head of the family irrespective of his capabilities. This thinking has given the birth that girls do not require education etc. There are other problems which has deteriorated the position of girl i.e. dowry system. Our society thinks that girls are other family's wealth so why should we invest on their education. On the other hand they need educated daughter-in-law so it is not possible unless you change your perspective. Due to dowry system which is curse on Indian society girls are considered liabilities of the family. So before a liability is added in one's family account she is being killed in the womb of her mother.

So we need to change our mentality that girls are liability of our family. We should stop female foeticide and educate the girls which will give birth to the prosperity of the society.

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