Apple Applies for ‘iWatch’ Trademark in Japan

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Apple Applies for ‘iWatch’ Trademark in Japan

#1 Postby Shivani » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:43 am

The big name well known for its best product in the market 'Iphone'.. Now the Speculation has mounted that Apple is preparing to launch an iWatch in Japan..For the same product the company has filed a trademark application also, as rival Samsung Electronics Co. readies its own wearable computing device.The trademark application, submitted on June 3 and released on the Japan Patent Office website on June 27, would cover computers, computer peripherals and wristwatches, the official said.

Apple is not the only one which is thinking about this product..Samsung which has leapfrogged Apple as the world's leading smartphone maker, is also developing a wearable device similar to a wristwatch..So the war is going on between these two big brands, no-one wants to a mistake by giving the rival an opportunity to get ahead in the business.

While the opportunity in wearable computing devices is significant, the hurdles are daunting. To tap into this market, these companies have to overcome the current technological limitations in battery life, screen shapes, materials and weight.

So the war would be really interesting to watch..Looking forward to get some great gadgets..

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