A Certain degree of fear in bureaucracy......

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Re: A Certain degree of fear in bureaucracy......

#1 Postby PrabhatP » Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:07 am

Its a great news that there is certain degree of fear in Indian bureaucracy. Indian bureaucracy has been the most insignificant, lethargic and demoralized when it comes to decision making but very very significant while doing paper work...Mr. Modi wants paradigm shift in how government works in India, and he has chosen the bureaucracy as his weapon. He is bringing administrative reforms to make Indian bureaucracy more effective, efficient and transparent which will be result oriented.

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A Certain degree of fear in bureaucracy......

#2 Postby Lal » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:27 am

Indian bureaucracy has got bad name for themselves across the world for their lethargic process and their favourite word Redtapism. It is very difficult not impossible to clean up the mess in our bureaucracy. Some time it is felt that their is a certain degree of nexus between bureaucrat and their political boss which makes the system very bad. NDA government seems doing little bit of cleaning up the messy system, govt has recently asked the Foreign secretary Sujatha Singh to step down and she had to quit.
There might be several reason behind dropping her from foreign secretary's office but one thing which was quite clear i.e. she was appointed by previous government in addition to that she was not first choice of then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as she got the office on the basis of seniority not merit.

Yesterday, the NDA govt sacked the Home Secretary which is an another blow for bureaucrat fraternity. The reason of his sacking was linked to Shardha Chit Fund Scam's probe. So certain degree of fear can be seen amongst the bureaucrats.

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