Congress appoints tweeter-in-chief to take on Modi

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Congress appoints tweeter-in-chief to take on Modi

#1 Postby Shivani » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:16 am

Whether it's social media or a war on the campaigning front, the congress party is not taking anything easily if it is from Mr.Modi's side..and its a fact also, If the twitter following and the sentiments shared by the politicians on Twitter would be directly proportional to the votes they will get in 2014 elections..Then surely the BJP would be the winner and the whole credit for this goes to Mr.Modi who has 1,814,665 and the count is till increasing day-by-day.

To take on Mr.Modi on twitter the congress party has come out with a team twitter..As in Congress the twitter king is Mr.Shashi Tharoor he has a following of 1,819,087 and in his case also the counting is still on..Now the party is directly challenging the BJP on social media also, in the recent developments Manish Tewari took on BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, she asked for the resignation of Uttarakhand govt. over the situation what the state is facing beacause of floods.

So when it somes to social media some heads of both UPA & Congress are similarly famous..but Mr.Modi is really actively using this platform when it comes to count on the party achievements or to pick on some issues about the ruling party.Congress party will not go anything unanswered from now, as they have also come out with a strong strategy..Lets see if they will also talk about something beneficial for the society or this all will be just a blame game..

Whats your opinion about this..Share..

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