Samsung India's most attractive brand

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Samsung India's most attractive brand

#1 Postby Shivani » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:48 am

Samsung Mobile has emerged out as India's most attractive brand in India according to 'India's Most Attractive Brand 2013', a research-based report by Trust Research Advisory (TRA). The report of the survey is based on the primary research conducted with 2,505 'consumer-influencers' from across 16 cities based on TRA's proprietary matrix of 36 brand attractive traits.

Samsung is the most attractive in all brands while Nokia & Sony are following it..these three brands are very close together with just 2% gap between each other.Fourth in the place is LG the South Korean Consumer Electronics leader with 8% attractiveness score lag from the previous. Placed at India's fifth Most Attractive brand is India's home-grown brand Tata, trailing its predecessor by 11%.

India's top ten attractive brands include two mobile phone brands, two consumer electronics brands, three from the diversified category, one each from FMCG, automobile and technology categories," TRA chief executive N Chandramouli told reporters here.

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