Rupee fall to 61.51 & Sensex 200 points in early trade

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Rupee fall to 61.51 & Sensex 200 points in early trade

#1 Postby Shivani » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:00 am

The Indian rupee has touched a new low level on Tuesday morning..It has touched 61.51 against the U.S. dollar edging past the previous low of 61.21 hit on July 8.Although on Monday in the early trade sessions it was close of 60.88, but these ups & downs in the currency is leading traders to expect additional measures from the RBI. to announce more measures to tighten cash conditions if the improvement in cash situation continues.

The Sensex also supported the Indian rupee in the has gone down by 200 points in the early trade.Banks share are the ones which got highly effected due to a rupee they are not certain about how long would the RBI keep its liquidity tightening measures as the rupee hits a record low.HDFC Bank (HDBK.NS) falls 2.9 percent while ICICI Bank (ICBK.NS) is down 1.4 percent.

The Indian economy is really going through a bad phase, if some measures would not be taken soon then in the near future it will become a matter of concern not only for the RBI but for each & every citizen of the country.

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